This Sporting Life (radio program)

This Sporting Life was a culturally iconic Triple J radio comedy programme, created by award-winning actor-writer-comedians John Doyle and Greig Pickhaver, who performed as their characters Roy and HG. Broadcast from 1986 to 2008, it was one of the longest-running, most popular and most successful radio comedy programmes of the television era in Australia

  • Hello world, pants off Australia.
  • The whips are cracking, the surf's up, the doctor is in.
  • It's just another afternoon when too much sport is barely enough.
  • And now here's the team who can open the batting & take the new ball up the hill into the wind, who can turn defense into attack in the twinkling of an eye, who've enjoyed the highs & learnt from the lows, who are all the better for recent racing, and in the wash-up at the end of the day win a lot more than they lose.
  • It's the team of HG Nelson & Rampaging Roy Slaven & the dominant backline of This Sporting Life.

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