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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 is a 1986 American horror film. It is the second part of the The Texas Chainsaw Massacre series.

Directed by Tobe Hooper. Screenplay by L. M. Kit Carson.
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Chop TopEdit

  • Peel that pig and slice him thick.
  • Burn her like a rat. Burn her like a rat.
  • [To Stretch at the radio station] Can you play Inna-Vida-da-Gadda?
  • Exit. E-X-I-T.
  • Lick my plate you dog dick!
  • Nam-Land!!!!!
  • Incoming Mail!!!
  • It's like death eating a cracker, isn't it?


  • You have one choice, boy: sex or the saw. Sex is, well, nobody knows. But the saw, the saw is family.
  • The small bussinessman... always, always, always gets it in the ass.
  • You coonshits, you fudge packers, you'll be the death of me yet!
  • What the hell's going on here? That the American way of entering a man's home?
  • Sure took care of my hem's.
  • I love this town. This town loves prime meat.

L. G. McPetersEdit

  • Just had another cursin' caller. Your little ass is gonna be in big trouble with that tape girl.
  • Look, darlin'. Built ya a little fry house.


L. G. McPeters: [Seeing Chop Top cutting up records] Hey! What the shit?
Chop Top: Lick my plate, you dog dick!

Chop Top: Uh, I wanna... I wanna buy some uh, radio add time.
Vanita ‘Strech’ Block: Are you fucking crazy we are closed. Off the air till' tomorrow. You'll have to just... come... back.

Drayton: I thought you took care of her already.
Chop Top: Yeah, well, Leatherface killed her once already, but LOOK! She's Red-faced. Oh, Bubba's been playing with her, Bubba like her. Bubba's got a girldfriend!


  • After a decade of silence... The buzzz is back!


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