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The Proud Family

The following is a list of quotes from the Disney show The Proud Family, which ran from 2001-2005 and consisted of 54 episodes.

Season 1

Hip Hop Helicopter

Oscar: If all of your friends jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

Penny: If it was fun!

Oscar: Fun?!!

Penny: Mommy, Daddy, can I go with my girls to go see the Hip-Hop Helicopter?

Oscar: Nope.

Penny: Why not, daddy?

Oscar: Cause I've seen that show and I know there will be boys there.

Trudy: Oh, Oscar you're impossible! Do you know there are boys at church too?

Oscar: Fine. She can't go there either.

Sunset: We need to respect our elders.

Oscar: No; we need to bury them.

(Repeated Line) Oscar: Trudy!!!!!!

Tiger Whisperer

Ajay: I like antelope liver. With some fauva beans. And a nice chianti.