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The Legend of Korra

The Legend of Korra is an American animated television series created by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko. The series is a sequel to Avatar: The Last Airbender. The story follows the next Avatar in the cycle, Korra, as she learns the art of airbending, having mastered the other three elements, while facing an anti-bender revolution by a group known as the Equalists

Book One: AirEdit

Welcome to Republic City [1.01]Edit

Opening: "Earth. Fire. Air. Water. When I was a boy, my father, Avatar Aang, told me the story how he and his friends heroically ended the Hundred Year War. Avatar Aang and Fire Lord Zuko transformed the Fire Nation colonies into the United Republic of Nations, a society where benders and non-benders from all over the world could live and thrive together in peace and harmony. They named the capitol of this great land Republic City. Avatar Aang accomplished many remarkable things in his life, but sadly, his time in this world came to an end. And like the cycle of the seasons, the cycle of the Avatar began anew."

Tonraq: The White Lotus has honored my family by coming. Thank you.
Senna : Welcome.
White Lotus Leader : We have investigated many claims, both here and in the ... Northern Tribe. All have turned out to be false.
Senna: Then you should be happy to know your search has come to an end.
White Lotus Leader : What makes you so sure your daughter is...the one?
Senna : Korra, please come in here.
[Korra enters by Earthbending the wall away]
Korra : I'm the Avatar! You gotta deal with it!

[After watching Korra face her Firebending test]
Katara : She's strong.
White Lotus Leader : She lacks restraint.
Korra : Woohoo! Hey, why all the doom and gloom, people? We should be celebrating! Three elements down, one to go!
Firebending Master : You're getting ahead of yourself as usual, Korra. We haven't decided if you passed your Firebending test yet.
White Lotus Leader : And ever since you were a little girl, you've excelled at the physical side of bending and completely ignored the spiritual side. The Avatar must master both.
Korra : I...haven't ignored it, it just doesn't come as easy to me. But that's why I should start training with Tenzin immediatley! He's Mr. Spiritual!
White Lotus Leader : Do you believe she is ready, Master Katara?
Katara : Yes. If anyone can teach her what she needs to learn, it's Tenzin.
White Lotus Leader : Very well, Korra. It's time for you to begin your Airbending training.
Korra : Yes! Finally! I mean, thank you all for believing in me.

Korra : Naga! You should've seen it. I kicked some Firebender butt and I passed!

Korra: [over radio] I'm so happy to be here! Thank you Republic City!
Tenzin: [over radio] All right, that's all the questions we... [Radio is turned off by Lieutenant]
Lieutenant: Amon, how do you want to handle this?
Amon: [staring at a giant map of the Avatar world] So, the Avatar has arrived early. It looks like we'll have to accelerate our plans. [said while turning to face Lieutenant]

A Leaf in the Wind [1.02]Edit

Tenzin: So my mother informed my that you've never been able to airbend before.
Korra: Yeah, but I don't know why. The other elements came so easily to me, but every single time I've tried airbending [sticks out her tongue] nothing.
Tenzin: It's perfectly alright, you just need to be patient. Often the element that is most difficult for the Avatar to master is the one most opposite to the Avatar's personality. For Aang, it was earthbending.
Korra: Well, I'm about as opposite an airbender as you can get.

Toza: Hey, what are you doing in my gym.
Korra: Uh, I was just looking for a bathroom and got lost.
Toza: Ah, the old "I had to pee" excuse. You know, I'm sick and tired of you kids sneaking in without paying. I'm taking you to security.
Korra': No, wait-
Bolin: There you are. I've been looking everywhere for you. It's alright Toza, she's with me.
Korra: Yeah, I'm with him.
Bolin: So, you see, we're together.
Korra: Well not "together"-together. More like friends.
Bolin: Right, friends. No, no, i didn't mean to imply-
Korra: Oh, you implied it.

Korra: I've been immersed in bending my entire life and I never learned how to move like that. It's like there's a whole new style here. Think you could show me a few tricks?
Bolin: Ab-so-lutely.
Mako: Right now? Come on, Bolin.
Bolin: Just ignore him. Yeah, I can show you the basics. I'm just not sure how my earthbending would translate to your waterbending, but we'll figure it out.
Korra: Won't be a problem. I'm actually a Earthbender.
Bolin: I'm sorry. No, no, I didn't mean to assume... cause I was just figuring, with your Water Tribe get-up, that you are a Water Tribe... gal
Korra: No, you're right. I'm a Waterbender and a Firebender.
Bolin: Hm, I'm very confused right now.
Mako: You're the Avatar and I'm an idiot.
Korra: Both are true.
Bolin: No way! The Avatar.

The Revelation [1.03]Edit

Amon: My quest for equality began many years ago. When I was a boy, my family and I lived on a small farm. We weren’t rich and none of us were benders. This made us very easy targets for the Firebender that extorted my father. One day, my father confronted this man, but when he did that Firebender took my family from me. Then, he took my face. I’ve been force to hide behind a mask ever since. As you know, the Avatar has recently arrived in Republic City. And if she were here, she would tell you that bending brings balance to the world, but she is wrong. It has been the cause of every war in every era, but that is about to change. I know that you have all been wondering "What is the Revelation"? You are about to get your answer. From the beginning of time, the spirits have been guardians of our world, and they have spoken to me. They said that the Avatar has failed humanity, which is why the spirits have chosen me to usher in a new era of balance. They have granted me a power to make equality a reality; the ability to take one's bending away, permanently.

Amon: The era of bending is over. A new era of equality has begun.

The Lieutenant: You benders need to understand: there’s no place in the world for you anymore.
[Korra earthbends him into a wall]
Korra: I wouldn’t count us out just yet.

Amon: Let her go; she's the perfect messenger to tell the city of my power.

Tenzin: Korra, what happened? Did you find your friend?
Korra: Yes but... I was at an Equalist rally. I saw Amon.
Tenzin: What?
Korra: He can take people's bending away. For good.
Tenzin: That's... that's impossible. Only the Avatar has ever possesed that ability.
Korra: But I saw him do it.
Tenzin: I believe you. I don't know how Amon has achieved this power, but this means the revolution is more dangerous than ever. No bender is safe.

The Voice in the Night [1.04]Edit

Hiroshi Sato: What do you think of my little operation here?
Mako: It's very impressive Mr. Sato.
Hiroshi Sato: Please, call me Hiroshi. So, I understand you're dirt-poor.
Mako: Uh...
Hiroshi Sato: Young man, it is nothing to be ashamed of. I too came from humble beginnings. Why, when I was your age I was a real shoe-shiner and all I had to my name was an idea: The Sato Mobile. Now I was fortunate enough to meet someone who believed in me and my work ethic. He gave me the money I needed to get my idea of the ground and I build the entire Future Industries empire from that one selfless loan.
Asami Sato: Dad, stop bragging. Just tell Mako the good news.
Mako: What good news?
Hiroshi Sato: Well, my daughter passionately told me all about your hard-earned success in the Pro-Bending Arena, and about your team's current financial stumbling block. Now I'd hate to see you lose your chance at winning the championship, just because you're short a few yuans. That's why I'm going to sponsor the Fire Ferrets in the tournament.
Mako: Are you serious?
Asami Sato: He's serious. My dad is going to cover your ante for the championship pot.
Mako: That... that is good news!
Hiroshi Sato: There's just one catch; you all have to wear the Future Industries logo on your uniforms.
Mako: I'll tattoo it on my chest if you want, sir.

Hiroshi Sato: This is my daughter Asami.
Asami: It's lovely to meet you. Mako told me so much about you.
Korra: Really? Because he hasn't mentioned you at all. How did you two meet?
Bolin: [oblivious to tension] Asami crashed into him on her moped.

Tarrlok: Avatar Korra has bravely answered the call to action. With the two of us leading the charge, Republic City has nothing to fear from Amon and the Equalists.
Journalist: Question for the Avatar: Amon remains at large. Why have you failed to locate him?
Korra: You wanna know why? Because Amon is hiding in the shadows like a coward. [grabs the microphone] Amon, I challenge you to a duel. No task force, no chi blockers, just the two of us tonight at midnight on Avatar Aang Memorial Island. Let's cut to the chase and settle this thing, if you're man enough to face me.

Amon: [to Korra] Our showdown, while inevitable, is premature. Altough it would be the simplest thing for me to take away your bending right now, I won’t. You’d only become a martyr. Benders from every nation would rally behind your untimely demise. But I assure you, I have a plan. And I’m saving you for last. Then, you’ll get your duel, and I will destroy you.

The Spirit of Competition [1.5]Edit

Jinora: So, how's it going with the tall, dreamy Firebender-boy? You've been spending a lot of time together lately.
Ikki: Oh yeah, tell us all about the magical romance.
Korra: What? Listen to you two. I'm not interested in Mako or any romantic stuff. Besides he's all into that prissy, beautifull, elegant rich girl. But let's just pretend for a second I am interested in him; What would I do?
Jinora: I just read an historical saga where the heroine fell in love with the enemy general's son, who's supposed to marry the princess. You should do what she did.
Korra: Tell me.
Jinora: She rode a dragon into battle and burned down the entire country. Then she jumped into a volcano. It was so romantic.
Korra: Eh?
Ikki: No, no, no! The best way to win a boy's heart is to brew a love potion of rainbows and sunsets that makes true lovers sprout wings and fly to a magical castle in the sky, where they get married and eat clouds with spoons and use stars as icecubes in their moonlight-punch. For ever and ever and ever!
Korra: The volcano is starting to make more sense to me now. [a laugh is heard and Korra turns to see Pema] Oh, hey Pema. How long where you standing there?
Pema: Long enough.

Tahno: Well, well, well, if it isn't the Fire Ferrets. Probending's saddest excuse for a team. Tell me, how'd a couple of amateurs like you luck their way into the tournament? Especially you, uh-vatar. You know, if you'd like to learn how a real pro bends, I could give you some private lessons.
Korra: You wanna go toe to toe with me, pretty boy?
Tahno: Go for it. I'll give you the first shot.
Bolin: Korra, don't. He's just trying to bait you. If you hit him, we're out of the tournament.
[Korra whistles, causing Naga to burst through the window roaring. Startled and humiliated Tahno quickly retreats]
Bolin: I've never seen anyone rouse Tahno like that. You are one of a kind, Korra.

Shiro Shinobi: And Bolin loses his noodles. Literally. Which reminds me, this match is brought to you by our sponsor, Flameo Instant Noodles. Noodliest noodles in the United Republic.

And The Winner Is... [1.6]Edit

Tenzin: I've known Lin since we were children. She's always been... challenging.
Korra: What did your father do to make her hate the Avatar so much?
Tenzin: My father and Lin got along famously. I'm afraid her issues are... with me.
Korra: Wait a second! It all makes sense now. You and Beifong, Beifong and you, you two were a couple!
Tenzin: What? How- Where'd you get that idea?
Korra: Ha! Your wife.
Tenzin: Crimeny. I'll have to have a word with her.
Korra: So, Pema stole you from Beifong. I'm surprised our "esteemed Chief of Police" didn't throw her in jail.
Tenzin: Oh, she tried. Anyway, Pema didn't steal me, Lin and I had been growing apart for some time. We both had... different goals in life- Why am I even telling you this?! It all happened a long time ago and we've moved past it.
Korra: Mmm, apparently Beifong hasn't.
Tenzin: What do you mea- Ofcourse she has. Anyway, this is none of your business.
Korra: See you at home, Mr. Heartbreaker.

Lin Beifong: I can't believe your sweet-tempered father was reincarnated into that girl. She's tough as nails.
Tenzin: Reminds me of someone else I knew at that age. You two might get along if you would only give her a chance.

[As the Equalist begin attacking the Pro-Bending Arena]:
Shiro Shinobi: Folks, there is some sort of electrical disturbance in the stands. Metalbender cops are dropping like bumbleflies. There appear to be masked members of the audience wielding strange devices on their hands. [an Equalist enters the booth]: One of them is in the booth with me right now, folks. He is leveling one of those glove devices at me now and I believe he is about to electrocute me. I am currently wetting my pants.

[Amon and the Equalists appear in front of the Wolfbats]:
Tahno: What's going on here, ref?
Referee: I don't know!
Tahno: [the Equalists walk towards them]: Alright. You want a piece of the Wolfbats? Here it comes! [Tahno and his teammates try to fend off the Equalists, but are effortlessly defeated, aa the Equalists bind Tahno's arms, leaving him defenseless]: Wait, please don't do this! I'll give you the championship pot, I'll-I'll give you everything, just please don't take my bending!

Amon: I believe I have your attention, benders of Republic City. So once again the Wolfbats are your Pro-Bending Champions. It seems fitting that your celebrate three bullies who cheated their way to victory, because every day you threaten and abuse your fellow non-bending citizens, just like the Wolfbats did to their opponents tonight. Those men were supposedly the best in the bending world and yet it took only a few moments for me to cleanse them of their impurity. Let this be a warning to all you benders out their; if any of you stand in my way, you will meet the same fate.

[Korra falls through the arena roof, but Lin Beifong saves her life]:
Lin Beifong: You alright?
Korra: I'm fine, thanks to you.
Lin Beifong: Don't mention it, kid. [Looks up at the fleeing Equalists]: Looks like we lost this one.

Lin Beifong: I can't believe Amon did this. I played right into his hand.
Tenzin: He played us all. Republic City is at war.

The Aftermath [1.07]Edit

Journalist: Is it true that Cabbage Corp is conspiring with the Equalists?
Lin Beifong: The evidence points in that direction, but the investigation is ongoing. For the time being, we have frozen Mr. Gun-Long’s assets and are closing Cabbage Corp.
Gun-Long: No, not my Cabbage Corp!

Tahno: Hey, Korra. [He has bags under his eyes, his hair is a mess, and he's depressed]
Korra: Tahno? [Sits down next to him] Listen, I know we're not exactly best friends, but I'm sorry Amon took your bending.
Tahno: I've been to the best healers in the city. Whatever Amon did to me, it's permanent. You gotta get him for me. [Korra nods at him, as Tenzin, Lin, and Hiroshi Sato enter]
Lin Beifong: Mr. Sato, if you remember anything else about what you saw during Amon's attack, be sure to let us know.
Hiroshi Sato: I'm happy to help any way I can. I want these Equalists to pay for what they've done. [He exchanges nods with Korra before walking away]
Tenzin: [To Tahno] We're ready for you now. [He and Lin walk away, and Tahno starts to follow them before turning back to Korra]
Tahno: [Gives a slight wave] See ya around. [Cracks a smile] Ah-vatar. [Walks away]

Korra: I have to admit. I had you pegged wrong, I thought you were kinda prissy. No offense.
Asami: It’s alright. People usually assume that I’m daddy’s helpless little girl but I can handle myself. I mean I’ve been in self-defense classes since I was this high. My dad made sure I would always be able to protect myself.
Korra: Smart guy.

Tenzin: So you think Mr. Sato manufactured those gloves for the Equalists, then framed Cabbage Corp?
Lin Beifong: That’s a bold accusation. But what proof do you have?
Korra: Well, I don’t exactly have proof, but I know what I heard. Sato’s up to something.
Lin Beifong: He does have the means. And he has a motive.
Tenzin: That’s right.
Korra: A motive? What is it?
Tenzin: Twelve years ago, the Agni Kai Triad robbed Sato’s mansion. A Firebender killed Sato’s wife during the break-in.
Korra: That’s terrible.
Tenzin: It was tragic. It is possible he’s been harboring anti-bending sentiment all this time.
Lin Beifong: Maybe we should look at Mr. Sato a little more closely.

[After Lin has used seismic sense to scout Hiroshi’s workshop]
Lin Beifong: There’s a tunnel beneath the workshop, running deep into the mountain-side.
Asami: What? There’s no tunnel!
[Lin metalbends a hidden hatch, revealing a staircase]
Bolin: [to Asami] Do you think your dad knows about this tunnel?

Korra: Hiroshi, I knew you were a lying, no-good Equalist! Come out here and-
Hiroshi Sato: And do what, young Avatar, face the wrath of your bending? No, I think I’ll fight from inside here where my odds are a little more equal.

Mako: Sponsoring our team, supporting the Avatar, it was all just a big cover.
Hiroshi Sato: Yes, and the most difficult part was watching my daughter traipse around with a firebending street rat like you! [He and the Lieutenant approach them]
Asami: Dad, stop! [Hiroshi turns to see her; sadly] Why?
Hiroshi Sato: [Ashamed] Sweetie, I wanted to keep you out of this for as long as I could, but now that you know the truth, please forgive me. These people, these benders, they took away your mother, the love of my life. They’ve ruined the world. But with Amon we can fix it and build a perfect world together. We can help people like us, everywhere. [Takes off one of his gloves and offers it to her] Join me, Asami. [Asami hesitates then grabs the glove and puts it on]
Mako: No.
Asami: I love you, Dad. [She electrocutes her father, knocking him out, and then easily defeats the Lieutenant]

Lin Beifong: My metalbenders are on their way to Amon and it's all my fault. Tarrlok's right. I've failed as chief. First thing in the morning, I'm handing in my resignation.
Tenzin: No! You can't give up like this.
Lin Beifong: I'm not giving up. I'm gonna find my officers and take Amon down. But I'm gonna do it my way: Outside the law.
Mako: [To Korra] I'm sorry I didn't believe you. But Asami's dad being an Equalist is not an easy thing to believe. Even now.
Korra: I know. I'm sorry this whole thing happened.
Mako: So, does your offer to stay on Air Temple Island still stand?
Korra: Of course it does. And Asami's welcome too.
Mako: Thank you so much.
Korra: After everything she's been through, she's gonna need you, Mako. [Mako walks up to a saddened Asami and embraces her]

When Extremes Meet [1.08]Edit

Ikki: And now for the grand tour! The Flying Bison sleeps in those caves down there. And that's the temple grandpa Aang built. And that's the green house that we grow the vegetables we eat.
Bolin: I have a couple of questions. Is this an all vegetarian island? Is that where you train airbending? Do we have to wear Air Acolyte clothes? Do we each get our own Sky Bison, and final question, how many trees are on this island?
Ikki: Yes, yes, no, no, ten-thousand-five-hundred-fifty-two.

Tenzin: Tarrlok, I don’t know what you did to get Chief Saikhan in your pocket, but I highly doubt it was legal.
Tarrlok: Oh Tenzin, always the consipracy theorist. Did you ever consider Saikhan simply recognizes my talents and wants what is best for this city? [Tenzin scoffs] Well, Avatar Korra. Long time no see. Now that your little Pro-Bending distractions are over, I look forward to your return to my taskforce.
Korra: Forget it. There’s no way I’m rejoining your vanity project.
Tarrlok: That is unfortunate to hear, but I’m sure you’ll come to your senses, as you have in the past.
Korra: Don’t hold your breath, bub. You know Tenzin’s been right about you all along. You play me, you play Beifong, and now you’re playing the new Chief too. Well, I’ve got news for you: You need me, but I don’t need you. I’m the Avatar.
Tarrlok: You’re not, in fact, the Avatar. You are merely a half-baked Avatar in training. Which reminds me: how is your airbending going? Made any significant progress with that? [Korra remains silent] I didn’t think so. If you will not be part of my taskforce, then you have best stay out of my way.

Korra: [to Saikhan] You’re officially the worst Chief of Police ever!
Tenzin: Calm down Korra, I’ll get this sorted out. We just need to be patient. [to Saikhan] But you really are the worst. Ever.

[Tarrlok is in his office with the council page, looking at papers. A window opens and the papers get blown over the office, Korra is standing in the window]
Korra: You and I need to talk! [Steps into the office]
Tarrlok: [To the council page] Are any of the other council members here?
Council Page: I believe everyone has gone home for the night.
Tarrlok: Then you should do the same.
Council Page: Are you sure, sir?
Tarrlok: Leave us. [council page leaves] You obviously have something on your mind? Spit it out.
Korra: Don't you see? You're doing exactly what Amon says is wrong with benders; you are using your powers to oppress and intimidate people.
Tarrlok: And you don't?
Korra: Of...of course not!
Tarrlok: Isn't that what you came here to do; intimidate me into releasing your friends? [Korra glares at him]] See, that's what I admire about you, Korra: Your willingness to go to extremes in order to get what you want. It is a quality we both share.
Korra: You and I are nothing alike!
Tarrlok: Look, I'll make you a deal: you fall in line and do what I say, and I'll release your friends.
Korra: That's why you arrested them? To get to me?
Tarrlok: I need your answer.
Korra: No. You may be able to manipulate Chief Saikhan into following you, but it won't work on me.
Tarrlok: [turns away angrily towards the direction of his waterfall] You will regret that decision.
Korra: You need to be stopped! You're just as bad as Amon.
Tarrlok: [Widens eyes with anger] I've tried to work with you Korra, but you've made that impossible. [Uses his waterbending to attack Korra]

Korra: [after trashing Tarrlok] Still think I’m a half-baked Avatar?

Tarrlok: You're in my way Avatar, and you need to be removed!
Korra: [being bloodbent by Tarrlok] You're...a...bloodbender?!
Tarrlok: Very observant.
Korra: It's not a full are you doing this?!
Tarrlok: They're a lot of things you don't know about me. [Throws Korra across the room knocking her unconscious]

Out of the Past [1.09]Edit

Toph Beifong: What are you doing here Aang? I told you, I have this under control.
Aang: Under normal circumstances I wouldn’t get involved, but if what those victims said is true, we’re not dealing with a normal criminal.
Toph Beifong: Fine, follow me Twinkletoes.
Aang: Toph, I’m 40 years old. You think you can stop with the nicknames?
Toph Beifong: ‘Fraid not.

Mako: [To an Equalist he's holding] I’ll ask you one more time! [Lifts him in the air with one hand and prepares a fire blast with the other] Where is she!?
Equalist: We don’t have the Avatar. And the Equalists didn’t attack City Hall. Tarrlok’s lying.
Mako: What?
Lin Beifong: I scanned the entire prison. Korra’s not here.
Mako: Why would Tarrlok make up a story about getting attacked?
Tenzin: Because he has Korra. He fooled us all.

[after earthbending a rockslide]
Bolin: Try to chi-block that, fools!

[at Yakone’s trial]
Sokka: In my years I’ve encountered people born with rare and unique bending abilities. I once bested a man with my trusty boomerang who was able to firebend with his mind. Why, even metalbending was considered impossible for all of history until our esteemed Chief of Police, Toph Beifong, singlehandily developed the skill. The overwhelming amount of testimony and evidence has convinced this council that Yakone is one of these unique benders and he exploited his ability to commit these heinous crimes. We find Yakone guilty of all charges and sentence him to life in prison. (Yakone stands up and his eyes open wider and bloodbends Sokka along with the others when Toph tried to stop him with the black rope bending, he did the same thing to Toph as Toph weakendly stops and he laughs as he looks at Aang who is unable to move as Korra frightens in fear while closing her eyes. Then the scene cuts to the council members court and Tenzin and the gang arrive.)
Tenzin: Thank you all for being here under short noticed.
Lin: (Looks at Chief Saikan) Chief?
Saikhan: (Looks at Lin) Lin?
Tarrlok: (Tarrlok comes in) Have you news of Avatar Korra?
Tenzin: We do. (points his finger at him) You kindapped her, Tarlokk!
Tarrlok: I am shocked you would accused me of such evil act. I already explain. Chi blockers attacked us and took her!
Tenzin: But there were no Chi blockers here last night! You planted the evidence, didn't you?
Tarrlok: That is a ridiculous accuasation.
Council Page: It's true! He took her! I was here when Avatar Korra arrived last night but... Councilmen Tarlokk ordered me to leave. I was on my way out when I saw her bring her down to the garage.

(Flashes back to the end of When Extremes Meet)

Tarrlok: Say goodbye to Republic city, Avatar Korra. You'll never see it again! (Korra breathes fire on Tarlokk when he shuts the door while Page looks on and it flashes back to the present day.)
Tarrlok: That is nonsense! Everyone knows you're nothing but a squeaky voice liar!
Lin: Why did you wait until now to fess up.
Council Page: I was terrified to tell because... Because Tarlokk is a bloodbender! He bloodbends Avatar Korra!
Tenzin: (Everyone gasps as Tenzin angrily looks at Tarlokk) Don't make this worst on yourself. Tell us where you have Korra (He and Lin were ready and Tarlokk doesn't answer and he runs and bloodbends them along with everyone and runs away.)


Lin: (To Tenzin) Wake up! (Slaps him in the face which wakes him up)
Bolin: Man, I had this awful dream that Korra was taken by this evil bloodbender. So weird.
Asami: Bolin, that really happened. He knocked us out.
Bolin: Are you serious? where is he? is he here right now?
Saikhan: Tarlokk is gone. I'll alert the whole force
Lin: We've been only been out for a while. But we can still pick up Tarlokk's trail
Tenzin: It could lead us to Korra! Let's go. (They left)

[Tarrlok is walking up the stairs and is greeted by Amon, the Lieutenant, and 3 other Equalists]
Tarrlok: Amon! [Korra hears him and gasps]
Amon: It is time for you to be equalized.
Tarrlok: You fool. You've never faced bending like mine.
[Tarrlok easily bloodbends the Lieutenant and the 3 other Equalists into submission, but Amon, seemingly unaffected by it, walks towards him. A surprised Tarrlok tries harder to bloodbend Amon, but after struggling for a few seconds, he easily overcomes it.]
Tarrlok: What? What are you?
Amon: I am the solution. (He takes out Tarlokk and also takes his bending away and takes him and tells the Lieutenant and the 3 equalists about the situation) I'll take care of him. You four retrieve the Avatar. Do not underestimate her. Electricute the box to knock her out before you open it.
Lieutenant: My pleasure. (Korra hears them coming down and Korra thinks of some way to get out of here and looks at her wrist and knows the right thing to do. Meanwhile, they arrive as the Lieutenant is finally ready to take out Korra) It's payback time! (Electricutes the box as Korra hangs on the bars of the box and also looks while the Lieutenant keeps shocking the box until it stops.) Open the box. (The equalists opens the box.) Tie her up. (Korra attacks them with firebending and she escapes)
Amon: (He puts Tarrlok in the van while Korra comes out of the cabin and sees Amon and she uses ice needles and almost takes out Amon and Korra escapes as Amon chases her and he stops and knew that Korra is still alive and looks at the Lieutenant) I thought I told you not to underestimate her.

Turning the Tides [1.10]Edit

[Lin, Tenzin, Pema, Jinora, Ikki, and Meelo are on Oogi, while being chased by Equalist airships]
Lin Beifong: They're gaining on us!
Tenzin Faster, Oogi!
[A net is launched at them on a rope from one of the airships. Lin uses one of her cables to shred it then ties the other around the rope. She looks back at the worried airbender family with sorrow, before looking away and back at them.]
Lin Beifong: [Determined] Whatever happens to me, don't turn back!
Tenzin: Lin, what are you doing?!
[Lin jumps off of Oogi and destroys one of the airships. She tries to do the same to the other but Equalists ambush her and render her unconscious. The airship turns around to return to Air Temple Island. The family looks back at the sight of Lin's sacrifice with shock.]
Meelo: That lady is my hero.
Tenzin: [Sadly] Yes. She is.

Amon: Tell me where the avatar is and I'll let you keep your bending.
Lin: I won't tell you anything you monster!
Amon: Very well! (He takes her bending away)

Skeletons in the Closet [1.11]Edit

Hiroshi Sato: It is a glorious day. my Equalist brothers and sisters. Amon has torn down the tyrannical bending goverment. He has declared bending illegal. And he has the Avatar on the run. Our great leader has a vision for the future. One day soon, bending will no longer exist and we will live in a world where everyone is finally equal. The United Forces are on the way right now to try and stop that dream but we will prevail!

Yakone: Tarrlok, your turn.
Tarrlok: No, I won't do it.
Yakone: Bloodbend your brother, Tarrlok.
Tarrlok: But I'd feel awful. I don't want to do that to anyone. I never want to bloodbend again.
Yakone: You're a disgrace, a weakling. I'll teach you a lesson, you insubordinate-
Noatak: [bloodbends Yakone] Stay away from him.
Yakone: How dare you bloodbend me?
Noatak: What are you going to do about it? You're the weak one. You always say bloodbending is the most powerfull thing in the world, but it isn't. The Avatar is. He took your bending away. What could be more powerfull than that?
Yakone: I made you what you are. You're mine.
Noatak: We're your sons, not your tools of revenge. [to Tarlokk] Lets go. We can run away from him, forever.
Tarrlok: Run away? But what about mom? We can't just leave her.
Noatak: He was right about you. You are a weakling.

Korra: That's one of the saddest stories I've ever heard.
Tarrlok: Avatar Korra. I am truly sorry for all that I've done to you. I thought I was better than my father, but his ghost still shaped me. I became a soldier of revenge, just like he wanted me to be. And so did my brother. The revolution may be built on a lie, but I think Amon truly believes bending is the source of all evil in the world.

Korra: How in the world do we beat him?
Mako: We can't. Any attack we throw at him, he'll redirect with his mind. That's how he's been able to challenge any bender.
Korra: So much for our ambush. If we stay here, we're toast. But there's another way to beat him.
Mako: How?
Korra: This whole time Amon has been one step ahead of us, but finally we have the advantage. We know the truth about him. If we expose him as a bender in front of all his supporters.
Mako: At the rally.
Korra: We could take away his true power!
Mako: And undermine this whole revolution!
Korra: [to Tarrlok] Thank you for your help. [to Mako] We can't just leave him here.
Tarrlok: Go. Amon can't know anyone spoke with me. Defeat him. Put an end to this sad story.

Endgame [1.12]Edit

[at the Equalist Victory Rally]
Amon: When I was a boy, a Firebender struck down my entire family and left me scarred. That tragic event began my quest to equalize the world.
Korra: That's a lie, Amon! Or should I call you Noatak?
The Lieutenant: You want her taken out?
Amon: No. Everyone, calm down. We have nothing to fear from the Avatar. Let's hear what she has to say.
Korra: Amon has been lying to you. The Spirits didn't give him the power to take people's bending away. He used bloodbending to do it. Amon is a Waterbender!
The Lieutenant: What is this nonsense?
Amon: You're desperate Avatar, making up stories about me as a pathetic last resort.
Korra: Your family wasn't killed by a Firebender. His father was Yakone and his brother is Councilman Tarrlok.
Amon: An amusing tale, but I will show you the truth.
[Amon takes off his masked, revealing his scarred face]
Amon: This is what a Firebender did to me.
Korra: What!?
Equalist supporter: The Avatar is lying.
Korra: I'm telling you, he's a Waterbender. [to Mako] They don't believe me. It didn't work.

Korra: Amon, let them go.
Amon: You're welcome to come down here and try to stop me.

The Lieutenant: Amon! Everything the Avatar said is true, isn't it? I just saw you bloodbend her. [takes of his mask and crushes the in-built goggles] You traitor! I dedicated my life to you!
[the lieutenant attacks Amon, but is easily stopped by his bloodbending]
Amon: You served me well, lieutenant.

[Tarrlok and Noatak are fleeing Republic City on a motor boat, Noatak is driving]
Amon/Noatak: The two of us together again! There's nothing we can't do.
Tarrlok: Yes, Noatak.
Amon/Noatak: Noatak. [Smiles] I'd almost forgotten the sound of my own name.
[Tarrlok looks at the Shock gloves, then at Noatak, he then puts one of the gloves on. He then unscrews the fuel tank lid and positions the golve above it.]
Tarrlok: It will be just like the good old days. [Noatak smiles with a tear in his eye. Tarrlok then ignites the fuel, exploding the boat and killing them both]

Korra: Not now Tenzin. I just wanna be left alone
Aang: But you called me here.
Korra: Aang.
Aang: You're finally connected with your spiritual self.
Korra: How?
Aang: When we hit our lowest point, we are open to the greatest change. (Restores Korra's bending and he along with other Avatars disappear and Korra kept closing her eyes and she opens her eyes and her white glowing eyes shows her that she is going into the Avatar state and also she uses both air, water, fire and earth while a giant wave hits the course as Korra floats down and her eyes stop glowing and behind her was Makko, who knew Korra was in the avatar state smiles at her)
Korra: (Korra smiles at him and hugs him) I love you, too. (They kissed)

Book Two: SpiritsEdit

Rebel Spirit [2.01]Edit

[Korra has just won an air scooter race, using the Avatar State]
Ikki: No fair. You can't go into the Avatar State to win.
Korra: [blows a raspberry]
Tenzin: You did what? The Avatar State is not to be used as a booster rocket. You are toying with a dangerous power that you obviously do not appreciate.
Korra: It's the "Avatar State," and I'm the Avatar. Who appreciates it more than me?
Tenzin: Clearly, you need more training to grasp the depths of your spiritual connections, not to mention that you're still a long way from mastering airbending.
Korra: I have mastered airbending. Punch, punch, punch! [Throws three rapid air punches] See? Mastered.
Bumi: Looks pretty good to me.
Tenzin: [sighs] Is it too late for you to un-retire from the United Forces?
Bumi: The paperwork's gone through, little brother. From now on, it's 24/7 Bumi time!
Tenzin: You've mastered Korra-style airbending. Now you need to master real airbending. Hopefully, our visit to all of the Air Temples will give you the inspiration you need to delve more deeply into your studies.
Jinora: Can we see where grandpa Aang was born?
Meelo: How many lemurs can I have?
Ikki: I want to get tattoos, but instead of arrows, I want lightning bolts.
Jinora: You can't get lightning bolts. That doesn't make any sense.
Ikki: You don't make any sense!
Meelo: Fight, fight, fight!
Tenzin: No one's fighting. We're going to have a wonderful time. [groans] Now that the President is in office and I'm not needed on the Council, I can finally relax with my family and give Korra the attention she needs.
Korra: Great. More attention.
Bumi: [laughs] Relax? I'd pay money to see that. Maybe I'll tag along just to see "vacation Tenzin."
Tenzin: You're not invited.

Jinora: We missed you, aunt Kya.
Kya: Oh, I missed you too. Your father doesn't bring you to visit nearly enough. He's probably scared I'll beat him up like when we were kids.
Tenzin: I'm not scared of you... Anymore.

Bumi: Looks like someone's trying to take your place as the Avatar's stick-in-the-mud mentor.
Kya: Bumi, don't pick on Tenzin. You know he's always been sensitive.
Tenzin: I'm not sensitive!
[Kya and Bumi both laugh]

Bolin: [trying to flirt with Eska] Hey, I'm Bolin. I'm a friend of Korra's. You're Eska, right? Wow, i'm just-- I'm loving these robes. [Eska hisses] So you are from the north, right? Cool. That's like- You know, that's, like, my favorite direction.
Desna: I think he is trying to establish some kind of bond with you based on your geographic point of origin.
Eska: Perhaps it would be interesting you spend time with a person whose ways are so rough and uncultured. [to Bolin] You amuse me. I will make you mine.
Bolin: You mean like a boyfriend Or- or like a slave?
Eska: Yes. [grabs Bolin by the collar] Win me prizes.

The Southern Lights [2.02]Edit

Civil Wars Part 1 [2.03]Edit

Civil Wars Part 2 [2.04]Edit

Peacekeepers [2.05]Edit

The Sting [2.06]Edit

[A group of Fire Sages has found an unconscious Korra washed up on the shore. Korra wakes up]:
Korra: Get away from me! [Airbends a blast of air, then collapses due to exhaustion]
Fire Sage: It's okay, we're here to help you, Avatar Korra
Korra: Who's... Who's Avatar Korra? [The sages look shocked]

Beginnings Part 1 & Part 2 [2.07] & [2.08]Edit

Korra: Who are you?
Avatar Spirit: I am you.
Korra: Who am I?
Avatar Spirit: [Transforms into Aang] You are the Avatar.
Korra: I don't know what that is.
Avatar Spirit: [Transforms into Roku] In order to remember, you must regain your connnection with your Avatar Spirit. [Transforms into Kyoshi] If you don't, darkness will engulf the world. You will die, and our era will end.
Korra: How do I regain my connection?
Avatar Spirit: [Transforms into Kuruk] Go back, return to the beginning, find Raava.

Wan: [To Korra] My name is Wan. And I will show you how I became the first Avatar.

Vaatu: [To Wan] I lived ten thousand lifetimes before the first of your kind crawled out of the mud! [Blasts Wan] It was I who broke through the divide that separated the plane of Spirits from the material world! [Blasts Wan again] To hate me is to give me breath. To fight me is to give me strength. Now prepare to face oblivion!

Lion Turtle: The world is entering a new age. Our time protecting mankind is over. We will no longer give humans the power of the elements.

[At the end of his life, and elderly Wan is lying alone on an abandoned battlefied and has one last conversation with Raava]
Wan: I'm sorry, Raava. I failed to bring peace. Even with Vaatu locked away, darkness still surrounds Humanity. There wasn't enough time.
Raava: Don't worry, we will be together for all of your lifetimes, and we will never give up. [Wan dies, and a glowing wisp leaves his mouth. The screen fades to white and a baby is heard crying.]

A New Spiritual Age" [2.10]Edit

Iroh: Even in the material world, you will find that if you look for the light, that you can often find it. But if you look for the dark, that is all you will ever see.

Iroh: Sometimes the best way to solve your own problems is to help someone else.

Unalaq: When Wan Shi Tong told me he had a visitor, I had to see it with my own eyes. I can't believe Tenzin sent his daughter here instead of coming here himself. What kind of a father is he?
Jinora: Better than you.

"Harmonic Convergence" [2.12]Edit

Unalaq: When harmonic convergence comes, I will fuse with Vaatu and together we will become the new avatar, a dark avatar.

"Darkness Falls" [2.13]Edit

Dark Avatar: We are now one! Now a new age of spirits and humans shall begin and I will lead them into it as the new avatar!

Korra: Well I'm the old avatar and my era is not over yet.

Bolin: He's got the light spirit!


"Light in the Dark" [2.14]Edit

Dark Avatar: It's time to take back the physical world!

Iroh: FIRE!!!!!

President: It's going to destroy the city!

Korra: Raava!

Dark Avatar: NOOOOO!!!!!!

Book 3: ChangeEdit

"A Breath of Fresh Air" [3.01]Edit

Guard: You know the drill, Zaheer.

Zaheer: Of course.

Guard: Hope you still like rice.

Zaheer: Have you ever read the poetry of the great airbending Guru, Lahima?

Guard: What?

Zaheer: Guru Lahima lived 4000 years ago in the Northern Air Temple. It is said that he unlocked the secrets of weightlessness and became untethered from the earth, living his final 40 years without ever touching the ground.

Guard: Is that how you plan to escape, with something you picked up from an old airbender childrens story?

Zaheer: Like all great childrens tales, it contains truth within the myth. Lahima once wrote, Instinct is a lie told by a fearful body, hoping to be wrong.

Guard: Whats that supposed to mean?

Zaheer: It means, that when you base your expectations only on what you see, you blind yourself to the possibilities of a new reality.

[Zaheer airbends and catches the guard on the bars with his hands]

Zaheer: Ah,ah,ah. You wouldn't wanna singe your friend, would you?

Guard: How?! You're not a bender?!

Zaheer: Nature is constantly changing. Like the Wind!

[Zaheer opens his cell and airbends all the guards into it]

Zaheer: Now you might wanna ration that bowl of rice, you've got three weeks until the next sift change. It's the dawning of a new age, the end of the White Lotus, and soon, the end of the Avatar.


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