The Andy Griffith Show

The Andy Griffith Show (1960–1968) follows Sheriff Andy Taylor of Mayberry, North Carolina through both his public and private life. Sheriff Taylor nabs criminals and deals with the shenanigans of his fellow citizens, while providing life lessons to his son Opie.

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  • "Call the man!" - Andy Taylor, after the freezer went out at home and Aunt Bee needed a place to keep her meat.
  • "You beat everything Barney, you know that?" Andy to Barney
  • "But aren't the trees nice and full?" Andy referring to the birds Opie has just let go. In 'Opie:The Birdman'.
  • "You look good enough to take to Chinatown!" (referring to Aunt Bee)

Barney FifeEdit

  • Here at THE ROCK, we have two basic rules. Rule One: OBEY ALL RULES. Rule Two: Do not write on the walls, as takes a lot of get writing...OFF of walls. Now as we tell all men when these doors shut behind them, you are starting a new life. If you are wise, you'll begin rehabilitation.
  • Jay walking is rampant!
  • Of course you smell gas. What do you think this car runs on, coal?
  • Deputy Barney Fife: Nip it! Nip it in the bud!

  • "You got to spend a quid and some bobs to get anything good these days." Barney talking with Andy and Malcom Merriwether in 'The Return of Malcom Merriwether'.
  • "Well, where there's smoke there's firewater." Barney to Andy in 'Aunt Bee's Medicine Man.'


  • "Citizen's arr-ay-est!, citizen's arr-ay-est!, citizen's arr-ay-est!" -- Said by Gomer Pyle (actor Jim Nabors) to Barney Fife (actor Don Knotts) in the episode aptly titled "Citizen's Arrest."
  • "You're a boob, Gomer!" -- Barney Fife, in "Citizen's Arrest"
  • "Sha-zay-um!" -- Gomer Pyle (southern for "Shazam!")
  • "Go-o-lly!" -- Gomer Pyle
  • "Judy Judy Judy" -- Goober does his "Cary Grant" impression.


  • Otis: [speaking of how his mouth feels] Shooby, shooby, shooby.
  • "Where's my plaque? Give me my plaque." -- Barney describing how Otis is going to arrive at the mayor's office to receive an award.
  • Ernest T. Bass: It's me, it's me. It's Ernest T.!!
  • Brisco Darling (referring to Ernest T. Bass) -- "We thought about killin' him... didn't want to go that far."


Barney: Wanted posters came in, Andy.
Andy: Oh, good. File 'em, will you, Barn?
Barney: (reading posters) Let's see what we got here. "Henry 'Shopping Bag' Leonetti. Grand Larceny; $4,000 reward." "Max 'The Tongue' Rasmussen. Grand Theft Auto; reward $1,500." "Benjamin Schuster, alias Benjy Schus, alias Benny Schut. Forgery; reward $3,000." You know what this means, Andy?
Andy: What?
Barney: 8,500 American silver cartwheels right in our hands; only one small hitch.
Andy: We don't know where they are.
Barney: Right!

(from episode "Opie and the Spoiled Kid")


  • Barney: "Lets you and me dance."
  • Maude (escaped convict): "What made you change your mind?"
  • Barney: "You're beginning to get to me."
  • Maude: "You're a treasure!" (laughs)


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