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The Amazing World Of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-present) is an animated cartoon series on Cartoon Network. It is about a 12-13 year old blue cat named Gumball Watterson going through crazy adventures, usually with his 10 year old brother Darwin and other kids that are students of Elmore Junior High in Gumball's gang.

Season 1Edit

The TravelEdit

  • Carrie: Hey Gumball, are you free to talk?
  • Gumball: Of course, its a perfect time to talk. (Carrie brings Gumball to the classroom, where he meets Penny, Anais, Darwin, Carmen, Tobias, Teri, Masami, Molly, Clayton, Jamie, Banana Joe, Rob, Alan, Tina, Juke, Ocho, Idaho, Sussie, Zoe, Rachel, William, Bobert and Leslie.)

Carrie:Tonight,we're going out for a vacation in Goldcoast.


Penny:Our parents gave us permission to travel,of course.

Carmen:So, when do we pack up?

Anais:According to time,its 2 p.m.,so we have 6 hours before heading to the airport.

Carrie:C'mon Gumball,we're leaving now.Penny helped you get your passport, cash and ID.

Gumball:(Holding luggage)Okay, okay.In the cab we go.Done and done.

Anais:(Annoyed)Oh C'mon!

Season 2Edit

The BananaEdit

Banana Joe: (to Gumball/Darwin) HEY, TURN AROUND, YOU COWARDS!

The Storm (ParaNorman/Paranorman Parody) (Where Gumball didn't say that or say anyone's too perfect)Edit

Gumball: (to Alan) Sorry to interrupt... But could you please stop this (lying to Gumball/interrupting Gumball/not calming down)

Gumball: (to Darwin/Alan) I'm so sick of your stupid pet names and your gross lovey-dovey faces, you don't see me and Penny acting like that...!

Darwin: (to Gumball) Because yo ain't going out with her!

Gumball: (sighs) Exactly (Fine)!

Idaho: You two are so beautiful, it makes me believe I, too, can find love, but when I look in the mirror, I realize I'm just a dirt covered ball of starch!

Gumball: (Anton throws bread at Gumball's face) (to Anton from throwing bread at everyone) What the-?! HEY!

Anton: (to Gumball) SHAME on you, you dirty ol' GIRLFRIEND THEIF!

Idaho: (to Gumball) (throws his chips at Gumball's face) Couple splitter!

Bobert: (to Gumball) (throws something at Gumball's face) Catalyst of social discontent!

Banana Joe: (to Gumball) (throws his banana peel at Gumball's face) HOMEWRECKER!

Sussie: (to Gumball) NAMES (3 times)!

Gumball: (to Tina, Masami, Anton, Idaho, Bobert, Banana Joe, Alan, Jamie, Carrie, Darwin and Penny) (throws Banana Joe's peel at Banana Joe) HEY, STOP CALLING ME NAMES, I THOUGHT YOU WANTED THEM TO SPLIT UP ANYWAY, YOU HATED 'EM!

Jamie: Yeah?! Well, now, we hate you! (Tina's bullying gang walks away and Gumball sighs.)

Gumball: (to Masami) (makes a weird/scary face and a low pitched noise), (gets his voice low pitched) You lied to me, (gets his voice not low pitched) THAT'S IT, I'M TELLING EVERYONE!

Masami: No, you aren't, unless you want Penny to find out you kissed Carmen!

Penny (to Masami): Too late!

(Penny pushes Gumball into a tornado Masami.)

Gumball and Alan: (get swapped, laugh and scream because of Masami turning into a tornado)

Carmen: (to Gumball/Alan) RUN!



(Masami wind blows and students scream in the classroom)

Masami (to Alan): Oh, my gosh, you are such a wet cheese ball!

Students (Masami) (to Alan and Carmen): Aw!

Gumball: Penny, promise me... (to Penny/Alan) We'll never be like that (put each other's face on each other)!

Darwin: There's no risk of that because you're not going without each other!

(Penny pours/puts her milkshake on Darwin.)

Season 3Edit

The GripesEdit

Alan: (to the crowd) THESE CHILDREN (Gumball/Darwin) NEED HEEEEEEEEELP!

Banana Bob: (to the crowd with rakes) THEY (Gumball/Darwin) LIED TO US!

Gumball: (to the crowd with rakes) WE (Gumball/Darwin) DIDN'T LIE! (to Darwin) We're mega poor (mega-poor), right, Darwin?!

Banana Bob: (to Gumball/Darwin) PROVE IT!

(Anais and Richard scream and run.)


  • Logan Grove (seasons 0-3, episodes 1/4 (2007-2014))/Jacob Hopkins (seasons 3-present (2014-Present)) - Gumball Watterson
  • Logan Grove - Zach (Evil Gumball that Gumball turned into and who possessed Gumball) (seasons 1-3, episodes 1/4 (2011-2014))
  • Kwesi Boakye (seasons 1-3 (2011-2015))/Terrell Ransom, Jr. (seasons 3 (2014-Present)) - Darwin Watterson
  • Kyla Rae Kowalewski - Anais Watterson