The Amazing World Of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-present) is an animated cartoon series on Cartoon Network. It is about a blue cat named Gumball Watterson going through crazy adventures, usually with his brother Darwin.

Season 1Edit

The TravelEdit

  • Carrie: Hey Gumball, are you free to talk?
  • Gumball: Of course, its a perfect time to talk. (Carrie brings Gumball to the classroom, where he meets Penny, Anais, Darwin, Carmen, Tobias, Teri, Masami, Molly, Clayton, Jamie, Banana Joe, Rob, Alan, Tina, Juke, Ocho, Idaho, Sussie, Rachel, William, Bobert and Leslie.)

Carrie:Tonight,we're going out for a vacation in Goldcoast.


Penny:Our parents gave us permission to travel,of course.

Carmen:So, when do we pack up?

Anais:According to time,its 2 p.m.,so we have 6 hours before heading to the airport.

Carrie:C'mon Gumball,we're leaving now.Penny helped you get your passport, cash and ID.

Gumball:(Holding luggage)Okay, okay.In the cab we go.Done and done.

Anais:(Annoyed)Oh C'mon!

The TalentEdit

  • Tobias: And now, the stars of Elmore Junior High -- The Dires "Sal and Harv". [Sal floats away from the red couch and and Harv walks up to the microphone.]
  • Nicole: Are those guys from the music video Money for Nothing from 1985 or are those acts getting strange? [Masami and Molly throws vegetables and fruits to Sal and Harv, booing to them.]
  • Miss Simian: Tobias! Are you being a maniac or something? Get em outta here! [cuts to, Tobias holding his other arm up, snicker and giggling, presses the lever button down, where sandbags land to Sal and Harv.]


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