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The Amazing World Of Gumball

The Amazing World of Gumball (2011-present) is an animated cartoon series on Cartoon Network. It is about a blue cat named Gumball Watterson going through crazy adventures, usually with his sister Darwin. and a violet cat named Zoe is a best of singing for herself.

Zoe and AnaisEdit

  • (to Alan) If it's anything like his (Darwin's) digestive system, you probably don't wanna know?!
  • (to Penny/Alan) Isn't this the opposite of the lesson you're trying to teach?!
  • (to Anais/Zoe) Is this being about this for Gumball?

Anais' Plan (remake)/ Zoe's FeelingsEdit

  • No, I don't! I'm sorry (for lying), Masami. (to Carmen) but it's her (Masami) I love.
  • Anais: Did you please shut up!
  • Zoe: Anais, please!

Season 1Edit

The DetentionEdit

Miss Simian:Well,well,well,you six came at 7:06 a.m.Not a word,DETENTION!

Anais: Hey, Simian. Tobias had a problem on the way...

Miss Simian:No more chit chat,LIBRARY,NOW!!!



Miss Simian:Cuz in detention,no phones.

(The gang puts their phones in the box, then Simian puts them on the bookshelf)

Penny:(raises her hand)What do we eat when we're hungry?

Miss Simian:(Points to the plate of tuna)Then you pre-turds eat that plate of sliced tuna!


Miss Simian:SHUT UP,Ghost.Eat the tuna or starve.I don't care!(walks away)

Bobert: This isn't fun. Darwin: I tell Zoe and Anais but they are shut these mouths. Gumball:I know.If I eat tuna,I ate me.

Anais: Too bad Simian never knew my designer laptop.

Carrie: Whoa.How did you do that?

Gumball: Simple. Anais can hide her laptop in her bag. Zoe: Anais is simple for you like Darwin.

Darwin:Okay,we're clear.Get our tacos,Anais.

Anais: No need,Snow needed.(Casts powers and grabs the tacos)

Gumball:Mom's emergency tacos are great.

Carrie:(Enjoys taco when she saw Miss Simian)Simian,she's coming,almost 12 inches away! Penny: Gumball, please i'm never forget you. Anais: I have a plan. While I distract Simian,you guys go. Zoe: Gumball, what is your problem? Anais: I tell Zoe will she is best for singing.

The TalentEdit

  • Tobias: And now, the stars of Elmore Junior High -- The Dires "Sal and Harv". [Sal floats away from the red couch and and Harv walks up to the microphone.]
  • Nicole: Are those guys from the music video Money for Nothing from 1985 or are those acts getting strange? [Masami and Molly throws vegetables and fruits to Sal and Harv, booing to them.]
  • Miss Simian: Tobias! Are you being a maniac or something? Get em outta here! [cuts to, Tobias holding his other arm up, snicker and giggling, presses the lever button down, where sandbags land to Sal and Harv.]