Terrahawks is a British science fiction series created by Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr, which ran from 1983 to 1986. The show focused on the battles between a elite defence force based in South America and an army of alien monsters on Mars, led by the android Zelda.

Series 1Edit

Expect the Unexpected part oneEdit

[first line of the show]
Zelda: Planet Mars... A small step for us, but a large step towards mankind...

Lieutenant Hiro: [to his flowers] Hi, Erica! My, how you've grown. Nice to see you, Lantana. Why Cassandra, you look beautiful. [to 101] You've obviously been talking to them , just like I told you.
Space Sergeant 101: Yes sir.
Hiro: You know something, 101? Doctor Ninestein's theory is that my plants flourish because of the artificial gravity up here. And when I explain to him it's because I talk to them, do you know what he says?
101: You're a nut?
Hiro: Exactry.

Captain Mary Falconer: Sergeant Major, I want a hundred of your men to be boarded immediately.
Sergeant Major Zero: Yes Captain. ...You don't really think of us as men, do you?
Doctor 'Tiger' Ninestein: Oh, for space sake, Zero, not now...

Expect the Unexpected part twoEdit

[following 13's funeral]
35: Sergeant Major? I don't understand. I mean, when we get back, they'll make another number 13, won't they?
Zero: You know your trouble, 35? You've got no heart.

Zero: I could save Mary. And the Doctor. But I will not disobey an order. I will not disobey an order. I definitely will not disobey an order! ...Oh, heck I won't.

Thunder RoarEdit

Ninestein: Flaming thunderbolts!
Zero: Oh! Didn't expect you, sir...
Ninestein: What do you think you're playing at, Zero?
Zero: I was playing your video game.
Ninestein: Get out of there! [Zero quickly returns to his usual perch]
Mary: What's all the commotion?
Ninestein: I come in here and what do I find? Zero's playing my game!
Mary: That's not so terrible. What did you score, Sergeant Major?
Zero: 820, ma'am. And I hadn't finished...
Ninestein: What?! That's higher than...!
Mary: Higher than your best ever score, Tiger?
Ninestein: 820?! I don't believe it.
Mary: He can't lie. He's only a machine with limited intelligence. Isn't that what you always say?
Ninestein: Well.... What I meant to say was....was..... Flaming thunderbolts...!

Sram: So... You are Ninestein. Leader of the despicable Terrahawks. Protectors of the inhuman human race.
Tiger Ninestein: Did Zelda send you?
Sram: Zelda leads the fight for survival. Survival of all that isn't human.
Ninestein: Let me look at your wounds.
Sram: No! ...I am dying. My strength is failing....but you will die with me, Ninestein!

Ninestein: Don't fuss, Mary, I'm fine. And thanks for getting me out of there.
Mary: The Sergeant Major did the hard part. He was very brave, don't you agree?
Ninestein: Were you afraid, Zero?
Zero: No sir. Not at all.
Ninestein: Well, to be courageous, first you've gotta be afraid. It's a very human attribute.
Zero: To be brave...you have to be...afraid?

Ninestein: Zelda reclaims her own.
Mary: It's really scary...
Zero: Sir. I'm pleased to say I'm now scared. Does it mean I'm now brave?
Ninestein: No, it doesn't.
Zero: To be brave, you have be scared... And now that I'm scared, I'm not brave... The whole thing is totally beyond my comprehension!!

Close CallEdit

From Here to InfinityEdit

Space SamuraiEdit

The SporillaEdit

Happy MadedayEdit

MOID: I wear many faces, but have none of my own.

Gunfight at Oaky's CorralEdit

The Ugliest Monster of AllEdit

The GunEdit

Thunder PathEdit

Zero: That stuff's hard. Almost as hard as Ninestein's heart.

Zero: And that, Dix Hewitt, is how we are gonna destroy the bridge.
18: Sacre bleu, you expect us to fire ourselves out of zis?
Zero: Exactly, lad. You increase to maximum mass and go like space fire.
18: C'est impossible. No man would do zis.
Zero: That is where you are wrong. You never heard of them human cannonballs?
18: Ze humans? They do zis? Hm. Zen I, numeral Dix-Huit, I am ready.
Zero: Right, Dix-Wit, get in the pipe.

Mind MonsterEdit

Series 2Edit

To Catch a TigerEdit

The Midas TouchEdit

Operation SASEdit

Ten Top PopEdit

Unseen MenaceEdit

A Christmas MiracleEdit

Midnight BlueEdit

Play it Again SramEdit

My Kingdom for a ZEAFEdit

Zero's Finest HourEdit

The Ultimate MenaceEdit


Ma's MonstersEdit

Cy-Star: Zelda, you must listen to me!
Zelda: What is it?
Cy-Star: My news!
Zelda: Very well. Tell us if you must.
Cy-Star: Well... I am going to have....a baby!
Zelda: [drops tray of glasses] What...did....you say...?
Cy-Star: I'm going to have a baby! Isn't it wonderful?
Yung-Star: A baby?! [giggles while clapping gleefully]
Zelda: A BABY?!

Series 3Edit

Two for the Price of OneEdit

Yung-Star: What will it be?
Zelda: What will what be, you slobbering simpleton?
Yung-Star The baby, of course. Will it be a boy or a girl?
Zelda: We are androids. Cy-Star can decide what it will be.
Yung-Star: Have you decided, Cy-Star?
Cy-Star: Yes.
Yung-Star: Well?
Cy-Star: Well what?
Yung-Star: Is it a boy or a girl?
Cy-Star: Not going to tell you.
Yung-Star: [grumbles]
Zelda: Stop that! All this need not concern you, Yung-Star. You're a man. Although I sometimes have my doubts about that. [laughs with Cy-Star]
Yung-Star: Women. Huh!

Child's PlayEdit

Jolly Roger OneEdit


First StrikeEdit



Cry UFOEdit

Space CyclopsEdit


Space GiantEdit


Operation ZeroEdit

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