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  • If I ask for money from someone...anyone else...if I ask my opponent...right then and there, I would be a weak person. But, personal falsified ambitions cannot be brought onto the nation. My entire life's mission has been to serve my country. I want you all to trust that the most important thing for me...the most important victory for me will be the victory of my country. We still have the ability to become wiser and it is our duty to be organized and go ahead, it is our duty to go ahead toward a better Armenia, and altogether, "Ahead, Armenia!" Thank you. Thank you.
  • I would like to stress once more that what we had foreseen some months ago actually happened, but we did not manage to prevent it, thus...since we could not prevent it, then we are guilty.
    • [March 6, 2008]
  • The planned scene still goes on, they try to smear Armenians and Armenian authorities, and we should try hard to prove that it is a terribly planned project, and that the organizers are on the wrong direction. You might have listened that the situation is worse in our borders. Today in the morning, the Azeri soldiers attacked one of our military bases, and probably they managed to occupy the position. Through some bodies we offered the Defense Ministry of Azerbaijan to withdraw, but we were refused. I would like to inform you that at the moment the position is under our control. and the opposite side withdrew. Disrespectful of their former positions, disrespectful of their present positions, they should stand in court and we should put a full stop to such violence and disorder in Armenia.
    • [March 5, 2008]
  • Yes I am a Karabakhian, but I am an Armenian first.
  • Maybe he believes three years is enough when it comes to the giving up of Karabakh...maybe that's what he was saying...for me it was very strange. Just very...strange thoughts were heard at that meeting. And each and every person was speaking for themselves when it came to what should be done and what ideas they had. But, in no way is it possible to place holes in people's eyesight, if anyone is trying to prove the unprovable...if anyone is trying to say that today we are worse off than ten years ago...that is no longer my problem, that is the person's problem...because you cannot close everyone's eyes.
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