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  • Man is considered superior to other beings in this world, because he has limitless capacity for knowledge, People in other lands have advanced greatly, utilizing this knowledge. But our countrymen owing to lack of use of this knowledge, are abjectly deteriorating. Stating that ours is a land of enlightenment, we build tanks and temples; in other lands, men fly in space and amaze the whole world.

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  • Why should there be high caste and low caste in the country of India, which is said to have gained independence. Can any one say that things could go on only when there is high caste in the country? Can it be argued that the high caste Brahmins alone are people with sterling character.[citation needed]
  • If one is to be considered high, some one should show some just reason. Brahmin calls himself high and superior. In what respects is he superior to others? Are there not Brahmins who are connected with all the trades in the world good and bad? Do we not see them eating all things as others?[citation needed]
  • Our country would be considered to have gained independence only when the villagers are completely rid of god, religion, castes, and blind beliefs. South India is quite different from the North in many respects. It is a distinct and separate State of Dravidian race.[citation needed]
  • My request to the Brahmins is this “if you are not willing to live with us in unity, go to hell. At least keep away from putting hurdles in the path of our Dravidians unity”.[citation needed]
  • The idols, the Vedas which breed ignorance, Upanishads, Manu code, Baratham and other literature which make the people foolish would be driven out of our Tamil Nadu borders”.[citation needed]
  • The common man thinks that the marriage is like appointing one to do his work. The husband thinks so! The husband’s family thinks so. Every one thinks that a girl is coming to the family to do work. Even the girl’s family trains the girl to do the household work.[citation needed]
  • If we can divert the wealth of the temples and the income accruing to the temples, to start new industries there will be no beggar, no uneducated man, and no man with a low status. There will be a socialist society with perfect equality.[citation needed]
  • What pride is there in saying that the Britishers are gone. In their place traders like Marwadis, Gujuraties, and Banias of North India have settled down here in Tamil Nadu. They are exploiting freely. When we see the exploitation of these Northerners, we feel that we can even forget the Brahmins.[citation needed]
  • Even if the Brahmin swindles money he spends it here in Tamil Nadu. He is going to die here. But it is not the case with the North Indians. When opportunity arises he takes away gold, silver, copper and cash and goes away beyond 2000 miles with his bag and baggage.[citation needed]
  • Temples are thrown open to all. But it is the Brahmins only who still enjoy the right to ring the bell, and snatch away the coins falling in the plate. The lakhs of rupees spent in the name of temples is Dravidian money. Should it not be shared by our Dravidian people? A low caste Hindu converting himself to other religions will not gain anything, if his status remains the same in the new religion.[citation needed]
  • Thiruvalluvar has not mentioned a single word about God in his 1330 couplets. He has simply taken a few outstanding qualitities attributed to God for the purpose of explaining. Even in that, he has abstained from describing god in a definite form. When such is the greatness of Kural, it cannot be said that Kural is not useful to make the people tread the right path.[citation needed]
  • Valluvar who is hailed by the educated and uneducated lays stress of good conduct only. He has praised the Dravidians as the people of very high character. The only remedy for all Aryan ills is the Kural. Many poets have already expressed the same view. Kural exposes the Aryan traits and foolishness. So, follow Kural in your life and gain more and more wisdom.[citation needed]
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