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I need advice. what do u do if you were raped. i got rped by this 19 year old boy at my school 1x and sexually assulted by him and his friends 1x. The time he and his friends sexually assulted me we were at a school pool party. [BTW he is one of the coolest kids at school he has a sex company and he and his possy have sex with women if they come to his housesometimes even rape them if they refuse.] So we were at a school pool party. And i was in the pool and they asked if i wanted to have sex with them later after school. I refused. So they came in the pool andput their arms around me and touch me everywhere on my boobsmy vagina they even put their finger up my pussy. They tried to rape me in the water but i screamed. They put my head under water i thought id drown. Then when i was trying to breathe they pulled down the top part of my bathng suit and started licking my boobs and sucking them and doing more imoral stuff stuff i cant say its that imoral i finally got away they kept assulting me sexually tilli thought if i just did it with them they would just leave me alone. So i went to the 19 year olds house and we were laughing and we all had a beer and we went they puta blingfold on me and took me to the bedroom they threw me on the bed and handcuffed me to the bed. i asked,"whats goin on guys" then they started taking my clothes offi told him to get off of me. i said plz stop they kept going. Then he put his dick in my vagina i asked himto stop continuously he kept going. ten secongs later it hurt like hell i said okcome on guys stop thats actually starting to hurt now. then i started to cry pleading then they weretalking to someone as i was crying thats when i noticed thy were recording it i started to scream they got a gun and pretended to shoot me. They s tarted laughing at me and giving me oral sex and i tried to kick but he made three more guys come in he said to one guy hold her legs open so icanget my tongue to her u no wat. he told another guy to holdhis penis over my mouth and the last guy to ly across the bed and lick my boobs and hold the others guys penis in her mouth and he told all of them if she refused kill her then told me refuse and dont act like u enjoy it u die. and i said take my blind fold off andmy handcuffs and ican enjoy it and they agreed and we also agreed if i tried to escape i die and i had to have sex with them. Andyou want to know the extremely sad part he used to be my best friend ever til his possy brainwashed him what should i do he is in prison forlife with his friends but should i kill myself becausethey will always no wat my boobs looklikeand vagina and allits torture orshould i kill him? im joking about killing part but its hard having your