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Rush (2013 film)

Rush is a 2013 film about James Hunt and Niki Lauda's rivalry in the 1976 Formula 1 season.

Directed by Ron Howard. Written by Peter Morgan.
Based on A True Story.taglines

Niki LaudaEdit

  • [argues his case for cancelling the 1976 German Grand Prix] I accept that every time I get into my car, there's 20% chance I could die and I could live with it, but not one percent more! And today with the rain, the risk is more.


[James Hunt is undergoing medical checkup after a race]
James Hunt: I had a friendly disagreement with another driver about his wife.
Nurse Gemma: [checks eyes] Why, what did you do?
Hunt: Only what she asked me to do.
Gemma: Which was?
Hunt: I could show you if you'd like.

[Suzy Miller looks at James Hunt's car and laments the lack of safety features]
Suzy Miller: Why don't they make it safer?
James Hunt: The risk of death turns people on.

[Niki Lauda's driving a sedan that two Italian men agree to let him on the way to a train station with Marlene Knaus, who's gotten quite bored]
Niki Lauda: There's no need to drive fast. We're not in a hurry, we're not being paid. There is no reward for the risk. So why would I drive fast?
Marlene Knaus: Because I'm asking you to.
Lauda: [in German] Do you always get what you want?
Knaus: [in German] Usually. [suddenly pushed back against her seat as Niki steps on the gas]

[James Hunt talks to Suzy Miller about her new relationship with Richard Burton]
James Hunt: So when did all this start?
Suzy Miller: That weekend I went skiing. Why have you come here, James?
Hunt: I've got to get you back.
Miller: Oh, come on, James. You don't want me back. You never wanted to be married in the first place.
Hunt: Yes, I did.
Miller: You did it because you hoped it might change you, settle you down, help with the racing.
Hunt: No, I didn't.
Miller: And who knows, if it had been just the drinking, or the dope, or the infidelity or the moods, it might even have worked. But when it's all of them...
Hunt: Yes, I know, I'm terrible.
Miller: No, you're not terrible. You're just who you are at this point in your life. God help anyone who wants more.
Hunt: And Richard Burton, will he be able to give you more? You know, he has quite the bad-boy reputation himself.
Miller: What's important is how it feels to me, and it feels like he adores me.

[Niki Lauda is being interviewed before the 1976 Italian Grand Prix]
Reporter: What did your wife say when she saw your face?
Niki Lauda: She said, you don't need a face to drive, you just need a right foot.
Reporter: I'm being serious. Do you think your marriage can survive with your face looking like that?
Lauda: And I am being serious too... [flips off finger] Fuck you! Press conference over. [storms out of room]

[James Hunt sees Niki Lauda at the 1976 Italian Grand Prix]
James Hunt: I feel responsible for what happened.
Niki Lauda: You were.
Hunt: I swayed the room and the race should never have went ahead.
Lauda: You did, but trust me. Watching you win those races while I was fighting for my life. You were equally responsible for getting me back in the car.

[At the Japanese Grand Prix James Hunt pulls into the pits with two flat tires, with the title slipping away having slipped down to fifth place with only four laps left]
James Hunt: Come on, Come on!!!
Alistair Caldwell: James!!
Hunt: Come on!!!
Caldwell: Listen!!
Hunt: What?!!!
Caldwell: Just go easy out there.
Hunt: What are you saying?
Caldwell: I’m saying look after yourself. We want you back in one piece. You’re too far back. There’s too many drivers in front of you. There’s always next year.
Hunt: So that’s it? It’s over?! ... [thrusts helmet visor shut] Fuck it!!! [accelerates wildly out of the pit lane]


  • Based on a true story.
  • Everyone's driven by something.


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