Rob Pike

Pike at Guadec 2001 in Copenhagen, Denmark

Rob Pike (born 1956) is a Canadian software engineer and author, best known for his work at Bell Labs and contribution in the creation of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs, the Inferno operating systems, and the Limbo programming language.


  • Those days are dead and gone and the eulogy was delivered by Perl.
    • Rob Pike (2004) in interview at, Oct 18 2004
  • I started keeping a list of these annoyances but it got too long and depressing so I just learned to live with them again. We really are using a 1970s era operating system well past its sell-by date. We get a lot done, and we have fun, but let's face it, the fundamental design of Unix is older than many of the readers of Slashdot, while lots of different, great ideas about computing and networks have been developed in the last 30 years. Using Unix is the computing equivalent of listening only to music by David Cassidy'
    • Rob Pike (2004) in interview at, Oct 18 2004

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