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Richard Perle

Richard Norman Perle (born 1941), Member of the U.S. Defense Policy Board Advisory Committee

  • "Iraq is a very wealthy country. Enormous oil reserves. They can finance, largely finance the reconstruction of their own country. And I have no doubt they will."

- July 11, 2002


  • Sometimes the things we have to do are objectionable in the eyes of others.
  • I’ve never thought much of Joe Nye’s writings on soft power.
  • Dictators must have enemies. They must have internal enemies to justify their secret police and external enemies to justify their military forces.
    • 2005 February 17 - In a debate with DNC Chairman Howard Dean at Pacific University
  • I think there is a potential civic culture in Arab countries that can lead to democratic institutions and I think Iraq is probably the best place to put that proposition to the test
  • Well, you’re going to find a disproportionate number of Jews in any sort of intellectual undertaking.
  • The programme of the British Labour Party under Neil Kinnock is so wildly irresponsible, so separate and apart from the historic NATO strategy, that I think a Labour government that stood by its present policies—and I rather doubt that they would—would, if it didn't destroy the Alliance, at least diminish its effective ability to do the task for which it was created.
    • The Times (25 September, 1986).
  • About George W. Bush: "He came ill-equipped for the job and has failed to master it."
    • Source: "Perle Turns on Bush in Harsh Terms", by Nicholas Wapshott, New York Sun, May 15, 2007 [1]
    • Notes: newspaper article reporting on Perle's statements at a meeting of the Hudson Institute on May 14, 2007.

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