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Resolution is the state of being resolute, having a strong will, determination.


  • I am in earnest—I will not equivocate—I will not excuse—I will not retreat a single inch AND I WILL BE HEARD.
  • I will be as harsh as truth and as uncompromising as justice.
  • Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;
    Threaten the threat'ner and outface the brow
    Of bragging horror: so shall inferior eyes,
    That borrow their behaviours from the great,
    Grow great by your example and put on
    The dauntless spirit of resolution.

Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical QuotationsEdit

Quotes reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 668-69.
  • Videlicit,
    That each man swore to do his best
    To damn and perjure all the rest.
  • Nor cast one longing, ling'ring look behind.
    • Thomas Gray, Elegy in a Country Churchyard, Stanza 22.
  • In truth there is no such thing in man's nature as a settled and full resolve either for good or evil, except at the very moment of execution.
  • Hast thou attempted greatnesse?
    Then go on;
    Back-turning slackens resolution.
  • For when two
    Join in the same adventure, one perceives
    Before the other how they ought to act;
    While one alone, however prompt, resolves
    More tardily and with a weaker will.
    • Homer, The Iliad, Book X, line 257. Bryant's translation.
  • In life's small things be resolute and great
    To keep thy muscle trained: know'st thou when Fate
    Thy measure takes, or when she'll say to thee,
    "I find thee worthy; do this deed for me?"
  • Never tell your resolution beforehand.
  • And hearts resolved and hands prepared
    The blessings they enjoy to guard.

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