Punisher: War Zone

Punisher: War Zone is a 2008 film and the third adaption of Marvel Comics' Punisher series. The film follows Frank Castle (the Punisher) as he targets his war on crime against disfigured mob boss Billy Russotti, aka, Jigsaw.

Directed by Lexi Alexander. Written by Lexi Alexander and Nick Santora.

Frank Castle/The PunisherEdit

  • [To Grace Donatelli] For the next time somebody gets in your light. [hands her a flashlight]
  • Sometimes I'd like to get my hands on God.
  • Let me put you out of my misery.
  • This is just the beginning.

Billy Russotti/JigsawEdit

  • Pittsy, pour me a drink!
  • It was time for me to take over, anyway. Thanks to the Punisher, I won't even get my fucking hands dirty.
  • Head for the port, do your monkey thing, get over the security fence and hand out the money.
  • [after seeing his "repaired" face] I need to talk to my doctor alone.
  • Billy is dead. From now on, you call me Jigsaw.
  • Hello, Mrs. Donatelli. Or will you be calling yourself "Miss" from now on?
  • And how about you, sweet cheeks? Are you going to swear on an imaginary friend?
  • You're lucky I came to you with this. That I'm a patriot, just like you. I shit red, white and blue.
  • This deal is going down tonight.
  • Let's play a game! What do you say?

James Russoti/Loony Bin JimEdit

  • Yummy, yummy, yummy in my tummy, tummy, tummy.
  • Did you know that kidneys and applesauce are a delicacy in Sweden?
  • I axed you a question. You don't answer? I guess I'll just have to axe it again.

Linus Lieberman/MicrochipEdit

  • Ever heard of "Jihadi Blogger.com?" I'm posing as a one-armed Wahhabi warrior who took a crap in a cave next to Bin Laden.
  • I know this thing with the Fed is eating you up inside but that doesn't mean you pack up your tent. We all make mistakes, Frank. You're fighting a war against the assholes who slip through the raindrops, who get away with it.

Paul BudianskyEdit

  • You have the right to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
  • [after Frank kills Pittsy] GODDAMMIT, CASTLE!

Angela DonatelliEdit

  • You don't get to shoot my husband in cold blood and stop at the ATM machine.
  • Who punishes you?


Billy Russoti: We're gonna get rid of Frank Castle.
Ink: But he took out, like thirty of us. I mean, how are we going to kill him before he'll kill us?
Billy Russoti: My brother will take care of that.
Ink: Loony Bin Jim?
Pittsy: Shut the fuck up!
Billy Russoti: [chokes Ink] His name is James. Not Loony Bin Jim. Not LBJ. James.
Ink: I'm sorry. It's a good idea! Really, it is. [Billy releases him]
Pittsy: Don't mind him. He doesn't think before he talks, just like his mother! Sorry about that, Billy.
Billy Russoti: Billy is dead. From now on... you call me, "Jigsaw."

[while Loony Bin Jim attacks someone]
Pittsy: [holds a bottle of pills] What do you say, boss? Stuff might come in handy.
Jigsaw: What for?
Pittsy: Well, uh... in case he starts, you know, not feeling so good.
[Loony Bin Jim tears the man's kidney out and starts eating it]
Jigsaw: He's doing just great.

Jigsaw: Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Angela Donatelli: Please. Help us!
Loony Bin Jim: Shut the fuck up!
Jigsaw: Come on, Castle. Don't be shy. Throw down your gun.
[Castle tosses the gun away]
Loony Bin Jim: Die, you bastard!
Jigsaw: No! James, that's no way to punish the Punisher.
[Jigsaw picks up the gun, examines the remaining rounds, and shoots Frank]
Jigsaw: Oh, ho ho! Nice shooter! [walks up to Micro, shooting Frank two more times] Catch! [throws him the gun] Let's play a game! What do you say? You got one round left in there. You shoot one of these two, I'll let the other one go free. What do you say, Frank? Who's it to be? You fat friend right here, or that nice little piece of jailbait over there?
Frank Castle: Burn in hell.
Jigsaw: Okay. Then they both die. [moves to shoot Micro]
Micro: Frank! She's a kid. Shoot me.
[Frank aims his gun at Micro, but lowers it]
Jigsaw: Okay, fuck it. Kill her first.
Angela Donatelli: No!
Frank Castle: Stop!
Jigsaw: He's made a decision. [to Micro] Not lookin' too good for you, fatso.
[Frank aims his gun at Micro]
Jigsaw: On three, Castle. One... two...
Frank Castle: You won't feel a thing, Micro.
Jigsaw: Three.
[Frank shoots Loony Bin Jim]

[Frank impales Jigsaw with a metal rod]
Jigsaw: Fuck you.
Frank Castle: Let me put you out of my misery. [pushes him onto a fire]

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