Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw

Pound Puppies and the Legend of Big Paw is an animated film released on March 18, 1988 by TriStar Pictures, based on the Tonka/Mattel toys and Hanna-Barbera series of the same name.

Directed by Pierre DeCelles. Written by Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell.

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Big PawEdit

  • I'm just a lonely puppy, without a home, and without any friends.
  • Those guys make me mad—wait till I get my paws on them! Bright Eyes says I shouldn't be afraid of anything.



  • Something's happening—it's not right! I gotta go tell Cooler and the rest of the gang!


  • (begins the story of the Bone of Scone) It all started in the Dark Ages, back in the days of the knights. Things were a lot different back then—good and evil knights fought each other for the right to search for the mystical sword Excalibur, because whoever could pull it out of the stone it was stuck in would become King of England—yeah. Unfortunately, Sir McNasty, the evil Black Knight, won.

Nose MarieEdit

  • Sometimes I don't like what the nose knows, because the nose knows they went into the woods!
  • Well, Cooler, this is another fine mess you've gotten us into!


  • (smooching) I love you!
  • If I don't stop doing that—every time I hear a bell, no one will ever adopt me!


  • Wow! I've never seen so many bathrooms in one place.
  • I wish Cooler was here...I'll never make it to that Ivy League obedience school.

Marvin McNastyEdit

  • Ah, there you are—the Bone of Scone. It was you that cost my family the sword and the kingdom. Now you'll be mine!
  • Such cuddly, sweet little darlings! One's not enough. I must have all four of them!
  • First, I'll take over the pound, and then the country, and then—the WORLD!!
  • You may be frightened now, but soon you'll be scared of nothing!
  • A Pound Puppy hero! Leave the wheel alone—I do the driving around here. You stupid idiotic dog! You...let go!

Other charactersEdit

  • Bright Eyes: Are there any s-s-sharks in quicksand?
  • Charlamange: What the heck. I've only got nine lives to lose. Let's get cracking!
  • Florence: The wee poor darlings are getting hungry.
  • Hairball: I'm trying to pull you out, so quit trying to pull me in!
  • Howler: I've got cauliflower ears and a corn on my toe!
  • Sir McNasty: Enjoy your reign while you can, King Arthur. But I shall never rest until the Bone of Scone is mine. Then I shall rule the world! And should I fail, the sons of the McNasty clan will not sleep until the Bone of Scone rests in McNasty hands!
  • Lumpy (to Collette and Whopper): Trying to escape with the Bone, huh? Well, you'll pay for that!
  • Bones (referring to Big Paw): For something that doesn't exist, he really is big!
  • Tammy: Just think—without the Bone of Scone, we wouldn't be able to talk with all of you!


(A boy named Arthur has pulled out Excalibur in front of Sir McNasty, with the help of his pet Digalot.)

  • Digalot: Yeah, sure scared him.
  • Arthur: What do you mean, you "scared him"? It was me and the sword.
  • Digalot: It was me and the bone.
  • Arthur: You can talk!
  • Digalot: I could always talk. Now you can understand me.
  • Both (together): We can talk! We've found Puppy Power! (laughing)

(At the museum where the Bone is on exhibit)

  • Whopper: You know, Bright Eyes, Big Paw and I are a lot alike.
  • Bright Eyes: Really, Whopper?
  • Whopper: Oh, sure! Our paws are the same shape—yeah, practically the same size. Yeah, his are just a little...bigger, that's all.
  • Bright Eyes: "This huge paw print is said to have been made by the creature, and was just discovered in the woods just outside of town."
  • Whopper: Huh, that's for sure! And I should know, because I've chased them in the woods plenty of times.

(Marvin McNasty is about to adopt four puppies from the Pound.)

  • Jeff: Excuse me, sir. I hope you understand what a great responsibility a pet can be.
  • Marvin McNasty: Of course, dear boy. I understand COMPLETELY!

(McNasty is inside his truck, discussing his plan to steal the Bone with Lumpy and Bones, his henchmen.)

  • Marvin McNasty: After a few minutes in my Mean Machine, these gentle puppies will be transformed into vicious guard dogs!
  • Bones: Great, boss, but we don't got nothing to guard.
  • Marvin McNasty: We will after you steal the Bone of Scone. By that time, these whining whelps will become slobbering killer brutes! No one will be able to stop me!

(After catching Whopper and Collette with their vacuum cleaner)

  • Lumpy: Hand me the other half.
  • Bones: That is the other half.
  • Lumpy: I mean, the "other half".
  • Bones: Oh, the other half. I left that at the museum.
  • Lumpy: What?! Do you know what the boss is gonna do when he finds out we've only got half?
  • Bones: You think he'll punish us?
  • Lumpy: No. He won't punish us—he's just gonna kill us!

(Inside McNasty's lab, while Lumpy and Bones are cleaning the Mean Machine)

  • Whopper: We can't let 'em change us in that machine, Collette!
  • Collette: How can we stop them?
  • Whopper: Except for one little part—I've got that all figured out. We're gonna get away!
  • Collette: How?
  • Whopper: That's the part I haven't figured out yet.

(While trying to escape from the villain)

  • Whopper: Did I ever tell you about the time I led an Arctic expedition?
  • Collette: No, but I'm gonna hear about it now.
  • Whopper: It was through a million—no, a zillion miles of ice and sno-o-o-o-w-w-w-!

(After setting the traps)

  • Bones: Are you sure you set them right, Lumy?
  • Lumpy: Of course I set them right. What kind of fool do you think I am?
  • Bones: I give up. What kind are you?

(last lines)

  • Nephew: Aw, I bet you made that story up, Uncle Whopper.
  • Whopper: Uncle Whopper never makes anything up! See for yourself.
  • Both Puppies (in awe): The Bone of Scone!
  • Whopper: Yep. It's back for another visit.
  • Nephew: Aw, come on. You don't think we'd believe there really was a Big Paw, do you?
  • Big Paw: I see you brought some new friends to meet me.
  • Whopper (to Big Paw): I promised them a little surprise. Yeah, that's it.
  • Nephew: Wow! You're real, all right. Gosh! I'm sorry I didn't believe you before, Whopper.
  • Whopper: Aw, that's all right—no harm done. The important thing is, that with Big Paw guarding the Bone, we'll never lose Puppy Power again.

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