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The meanest floweret of the vale,
The simplest note that swells the gale,
The common sun, the air, the skies,
To him are open paradise. ~ Thomas Gray

Paradise is a religious or metaphysical term for a place in which existence is positive, harmonious and eternal; in contrast to the miseries of normal existence, in paradise there is only peace, prosperity, and happiness. It is a place of contentment, but it is not necessarily one of luxury or idleness, and often described as a "higher" place, the holiest place, in contrast to the normal world, or an underworlds such as Hell.

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  • In the nine heavens are eight Paradises;
    Where is the ninth one? In the human breast.

    Only the blessed dwell in th' Paradises,
    But blessedness dwells in the human breast.
  • I would gladly wander in Paradise,
    But it is far away and there is no road.
    • T'ao Ch'ien, Substance, Shadow, and Spirit, "Shadow replies" (transl. by Arthur Waley).
  • The meanest floweret of the vale,
    The simplest note that swells the gale,
    The common sun, the air, the skies,
    To him are open paradise.
    • Thomas Gray, Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitudes (1754), line 53.
  • Aus dem Paradies, das Cantor uns geschaffen, soll uns niemand vertreiben können.
    • No one shall expel us from the Paradise that Cantor has created.
    • David Hilbert Über das Unendliche (On the Infinite), Math. Ann. 95.
  • A Book of Verses underneath the Bough,
    A Jug of Wine, a Loaf of Bread—and Thou
    Beside me singing in the Wilderness—
    Oh, Wilderness were Paradise enow!
  • So on he fares, and to the border comes,
    Of Eden, where delicious Paradise,
    Now nearer, crowns with her enclosure green,
    As with a rural mound, the champain head
    Of a steep wilderness.
  • One morn a Peri at the gate
    Of Eden stood disconsolate.
  • The word paradise comes from the Persian word pairidaeza, which means "walled garden." ...There never was a Garden of Eden, but there was, perhaps, a Garden of Ediacara... blob-like creatures that lived in the sea...
    • Stanley A. Rice, Life of Earth: Portrait of a Beautiful, Middle-aged Stressed-out World (2011)

Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical QuotationsEdit

Quotes reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 578-79.
  • Or were I in the wildest waste,
    Sae bleak and bare, sae bleak and bare,
    The desert were a paradise
    If thou wert there, if thou wert there.
  • In this fool's paradise, he drank delight.
  • Nor count compartments of the floors,
    But mount to paradise
    By the stairway of surprise.
  • Unto you is paradise opened.
    • II Esdras, VIII. 52.
  • Dry your eyes—O dry your eyes,
    For I was taught in Paradise
    To ease my breast of melodies.
  • Mahomet was taking his afternoon nap in his Paradise. An houri had rolled a cloud under his head, and he was snoring serenely near the fountain of Salsabil.
    • Ernest L'Epine, Croquemitaine, Book II Chapter IX. Hood's translation.
  • The loves that meet in Paradise shall cast out fear,
    And Paradise hath room for you and me and all.
  • There is no expeditious road
    To pack and label men for God,
    And save them by the barrel-load.
    Some may perchance, with strange surprise,
    Have blundered into Paradise.

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