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My Boyfriend's Back (film)

My Boyfriend's Back is a 1993 American romantic black comedy/fantasy-horror film directed by Bob Balaban which tells the story of Johnny Dingle, a teenage boy who returns from the dead as a zombie to meet Missy McCloud, the girl he's in love with, for a date. The movie recieved negative reviews for its weak plot and bad acting.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Matthew McConaughey, Renée Zellweger, and Matthew Fox appear in small roles in the film.


Little Chuck: Daddy, that dead man tried to eat me.

Mrs. Dingle: Dr. Bronson, the reason I called is that our son, Johnny... died the other day, and I was wondering if you could take a look at him... Would you like to talk to him? Sure. Johnny?

Johnny's School Teacher: This is the most pathetic sexual fantasy I've ever seen.

Eddie: Alright, newsflash. This just in, Johnny: Missy is going to the prom with Buck. You got it?
Johnny: Look, you pretend to kill her. I saved her life, she thinks I'm a hero, ditches Buck and goes to the prom with me. How sweet is that?
Eddie: This is desperate and this is sick. I think you should get some therapy. I do!

Dr. Bronson: Okay. Well, you're dead. Which is unusual, because we don't normally see this much activity in a dead person.

[after his ear falls off]

Johnny: I heard someone my age is supposed to be comfortable with the way their body changes, but given the circumstances, this was too much.

Mr. Dingle: Goodbye, son. Be nice to God.

Dr. Bronson: I'm afraid I have some bad news. Your boy is very sick. He's lost a massive about of blood, and his pulse and retinal response are poor, and as you can see there's an axe sticking out of his head.
Big Chuck: He's not sick, you idiot! He's dead!
Dr. Bronson: Oh, everybody's a doctor. You think maybe I could make the diagnosis?

Johnny: Sorry I'm late, Mrs. Cooper. You wouldn't BELIEVE the trouble I had getting here!
Johnny's School Teacher: I would believe it. And I'm not impressed. You get one demerit.
Johnny: But-!
Johnny's School Teacher: Just because you're dead does not mean that you can come waltzing in here whenever you like.

Mr. Dingle: You know, son... your mother and I, and the ambulance driver, and the coroner, and the embalmer, were all pretty much convinced that you were dead.
Johnny: I got better.
Mr. Dingle: Huh. Well, welcome home, son.
Johnny: Thanks.
Mr. Dingle: Are you hungry, do you want something to eat? Gee, there's a lot of food left over from the funeral.

Missy: Johnny, hi! Uh, listen. I think it's really great that you're back from the dead and all, but I've got gym.

Johnny: It's because I'm dead, isn't it? That's why you won't go out with me.
Missy: Don't insult me.
Johnny: You're afraid of what people might say, aren't you? Behind your back, everybody whispering, "There goes Missy and the dead kid"!


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