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Meet the Robinsons

Meet the Robinsons is a 2007 computer-animated family film produced by Walt Disney Pictures about a young boy named Lewis, who is very smart and invents things but does not have any family, even though he wants one. Then one day, Lewis' world was changed when a boy called Wilbur, who has a time-machine, takes Lewis on a trip to the future to meet Wilbur's family - The Robinsons.

Dialogue from the filmEdit

Wilbur Robinson: Well it's been a long hard day filled with emotional turmoil and dinosaur fights.

Wilbur: I never thought my dad would be my best friend.

Billy: Okay, next up is Lizzy and her fire ant farm.
Lizzy: That's right.
Billy: Lizzy, we talked about the fire ants.You know that they have a tendency to bite people.
Lizzy: Only my enemies.
Billy: Keep moving, shall we? Top notch, Lizzy! Let's not anger her, or make her jumpy in any way.

Bowler Hat Guy: Ah, yes. You are now under my control.
Frankie: I am now under your control.
(Bowler Hat Guy laughs; Frankie does monotone laughing)
Bowler Hat Guy: Stop laughing.
Frankie: Stop laughing.
Bowler Hat Guy: Don't repeat everything I say.
Frankie: I won't repeat everything you say.
Bowler Hat Guy: Excellent.
Frankie: Excellent.
Bowler Hat Guy: Uh, did you just say "excellent" because I said "excellent"?
Frankie: Uh, no.
Bowler Hat Guy: Excellent.
Frankie: Excellent.

Lewis: Why is your dog wearing glasses?
Grandpa Bud: Oh, because his insurance won't pay for contacts.

Bowler Hat Guy: What's going on? Why aren't you seizing the boy?
Dinosaur: [in dinosaur language] I have a big head, and little arms. I'm just not sure how well this plan was thought through.

Dr. Krunklehorn: I haven't slept in eight days.
Teacher: Well can I offer you a cot?
Dr. Krunklehorn: Nope. I've got the caffeine patch. I invented it myself. One patch is the equivalent to twelve cups of coffee. You can stay awake for days with no side effects. [screams, scaring the teacher] Sorry.

Mildred: Poor Mr. Harrington.
Lewis: (immediately scared) I killed him?
Mildred: No, no. You didn't kill him. He's perfectly fine.

Tallulah: Laszlo, you stop painting my hat, or I'm telling Ma.
Laszlo: Ah, lighten up, sis.
Tallulah: Lasz, I mean it.
Uncle Fritz: Children, please. Your mother's trying to take a nap.
Aunt Petunia: What is all the yelling out here?
Tallulah and Laszlo: He/she started it.
Aunt Petunia: I don't want to hear any more.
Uncle Fritz: Now, sweetie--
Aunt Petunia: Don't you "sweetie" me. I'm going for a drive.
[sound of a car roaring away]
Grandpa Bud: That's strange. She usually takes the Harley.

Gaston: And so it begins. Ready, aim, fire.
Franny: Ha. Surely that is not the best you can do. (sound doesn't match her lips, like a poorly dubbed martial arts movie)
Gaston: Impressive, little sister. Your skills are strong, but not strong enough.
Franny: Your words do not threaten me, brother.
Gaston: Then enough words. Now the real battle begins.
Franny:Your meatballs are useless against me.
Gaston: Then perhaps it's time for spicy Italian sausage.
Franny: No!

Lewis: My project didn't work because I'm no good. There is no Bowler Hat Guy, there is no time machine, and you're not from the future. You're crazy!
Wilbur: Whoa-ho! I am not crazy.
Lewis: Oh, yeah, Captain Time Travel? Prove it.
Wilbur: Ah, um.
Lewis: Yeah, that's what I thought. I'll just go lock myself in my room and hide under the covers for a couple of years.
Wilbur: If I prove to you I'm from the future, will you go back to the Science Fair?
Lewis:Yeah, sure; whatever you say.( Wilbur starts to push him on to the edge of the roof) Hey, where are we going? What are you doing? Let go of me.
Wilbur: Okay.(he pushes him off the roof)
Lewis:(stops in midair) Ahh!(Wilber presses a button and a time machine appears)what is this where are we going?
Wilbur:to...the future!

Wilbur and Carl: (Cooing)
Bowler Hat Guy: This is gonna be the best day of my life!
Wilbur and Carl: (Cooing)
Bowler Hat Guy: Doris, would you be a dear and open the hatch for me, please? No!
Carl: Well, I hate to foil your evil plan and run, but ta-ta!
Bowler Hat Guy: But...
Wilbur: I bet you're glad to see me.
Lewis: That's for not locking the garage door.
Wilbur: Huh, Huh. You know about that?
Lewis: I know everything.
Wilbur: You gotta admit, this will be a great story to tell me someday.
Carl: (Laughing) Look at that, boys. We're almost home free. (Impaled by Doris' claw)
All: (Gasp)! (Yelling)
Wilbur: (gasp) Oh, no!
Bowler Hat Guy: Take a good look around, boys, because your future is about to change.
Wilbur: Lewis, you have to fix the time machine!
Lewis: No. No, I can't!
Doris: (Laughing)
Bowler Hat Guy: (Laughing)
Lewis: What about your dad?!? You could call him.
Wilbur: You are my dad!
Lewis: But that's in the future.
Wilbur: There won't be a future unless you fix the time machine.
Wilbur:Look, I messed up. I left the garage unlocked, and I've tried like crazy to fix things, but now it's up to you.
Wilbur: You can do it, Dad. Lewis? Lewis! (vanished in Oblivion)
Lewis: Wilbur?!?!? Wilbur! Wilbur.
Lewis: Mrs Robinson? Uncle Art? Lefty?

Lewis: Well, That was unexpected... (Wilbur put the Fruit Head on top of Lewis) As was That.
Wilbur: If my family finds out, I've brought you from the past, They'll bury me alive and dance on my grave. I'M NOT EXAGGERATING. :Wilbur: Well, Yes, I am, But not the point. The Point is, Your hairs a dead giveaway
Lewis: Why would my hair be a dead giveaway?
Wilbur: That is an Excellent Question.
Lewis: Wait!! Where you going?
Wilbur: Another Excellent Question
Lewis: But I Just want to sit here.
Wilbur: Stay.
Lewis: But...
Lewis: (Screaming) Wow.
Spike: Hey, Ring my Doorbell
Dimitri: No, no, no, no. Ring my Doorbell. Ring it. Ring it. Ring it. Ring it. Look at this doorbell. Ring It.
Dimitri: Yes!
Lewis: Eh... That was Accidental. That's an Accidental Ring. It Doesn't Count. It's in the Rule Book look it up.
Dimitri: Flathead.
Spike: Short Roots.
Dimitri: Evergreen.
Lefty: (Growling)
Lewis: (Gasps)

Both: [Groaning]
Wilbur: Lewis, I told you to stay in the Garage!
Lewis: I did, but I went up the Tube, and I Ran your family, and I...
Wilbur: UGHABUGUHBUGUHBUGUH!!!!!! You met my Family?!?
Wilbur: Pop quiz. Who've you met, and what have you learned?
Lewis: Okay, Bud, Fritz and Joe are brothers. Fritz is married to Petunia, and is she--
Wilbur: Cranky? Yes.
Lewis: Tallulah and Lazslo are their children, Joe is married to Billie, Lefty is the butler, Spike and Dimitri are twins and I don't know who they're related to.
Wilbur: Neither do we. Go on.
Lewis: Bud is married to Lucille and Cornelius is their son. What does Cornelius look like?
Wilbur: (muses for a moment) Tom Selleck.
Lewis: Okay, Cornelius is married to Franny and her brothers are Gaston and Art.
Wilbur: You're forgetting something.
Lewis: Forgetting--Oh, right. Wilbur is the son of Franny and Cornelius.
Wilbur: And no one realized that you were from the past?
Lewis: Nope.
Wilbur: Whew.
Lewis: Thank you, thank you, hold your applause, thank you very much.

Franny: Mister, you're grounded 'til you die.

Franny: (with an evil helping hat on) Oh Lewis, It's Already Happened.

Lewis: Take a good look around, Doris, 'cause your future's about to change.

Wilbur: You Did it, Lewis. You Did it! (Gasps)
Bowler Hat Guy: (Laughing)
Wilbur: Stop! I'll hold him while you run for help.
Lewis: No, Let him go.
Wilbur: What are you doing? He's the bad guy.
Lewis: No, he's not. He's my roommate.
Wilbur: What?
Lewis: He's my old roommate, and I really think you guys should adopt him.
Wilbur: Are you nuts?
Lewis: Give me one good reason why not?
Wilbur: I'll give you three good reasons. You stole our time machine, tried to ruin your future, and smells like he hasn't showered in 30 years! Ow!
Lewis: May I remind you, I'm your father, and you have to do what I say.
Wilbur: Okay, Mr. Yagoobian, do you want to be a Robins... Where did he go?
Lewis: Goob. GOOB! Goob.

Carl: Have a safe trip, little Lewis.
Lewis: I will.
Carl: Hey, while I got you here, just a couple of little suggestions regarding my design.Let's face it, these skinny limbs don't exactly make the teapot whistle. All that really matters is, hey, don't forget to invent me.
Lewis: Are you kidding? No way!
Carl: I love you.
Lewis: There's so many things I wish I could ask you.
Wilbur: Excuse me. Time travel now, questions later.
Lewis: But I...
Lucille: Don't worry. Just get back to that science fair, and we'll see you real soon.
Lewis: Oh, right. Right, okay, I will. Bye.
Bud: Goodbye, son.
Lewis: Thanks again for everything!
Franny: Wait. Lewis, one more thing.
Lewis: Yeah?
Franny: Just a little tip for the future. I am always right. Even when I'm wrong, I'm right.
Cornelius: She's right. I'd just go with it if I were you. And I am.
Lewis: Then you're absolutely right. All right, I'm coming.
Wilbur: Well, it's not like you're never gonna see them again. They are your family, after all.

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