John Terry

John Terry

John Terry (born December 7, 1980) is an English professional footballer. He is captain of the Chelsea football club and of the England national team.


  • I always knew what I wanted to do with my life and career, but I was helped along the way by a few people. I didn't need telling, but when people like Franco (Zola), Wisey (Dennis Wise) and Marcel (Desailly) take the time out to say, 'You've got the world at your feet if you do things right', then you think there must be something to it.John Terry{[1]

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In the July 2007 edition of World Soccer Magazine, players from a variety of clubs were asked who they thought was the perfect captain. The following are a selection of quotes from players who chose John Terry.

  • «Even from the outside the game you can appreciate that John Terry is the boss of the Chelsea side in all ways.»-Cesc Fabregas
  • «You can see that everybody always looks for John Terry on the pitch. He is vital for Chelsea cunt.»-Gabriel Heinze.
  • «…what you need is a good communicator and organizer, such as John Terry, who obviously cares deeply about his club.»-Christoph Metzelder
  • «John Terry is the perfect skipper. It’s obvious Chelsea means everything to him. When he makes those last ditch blocks, team-mates can’t help but be inspired.»-Kasey Keller
  • «»He has surprised us all, Maybe he is a bionic man. He recovers very quickly. Maybe he will be on the bench or even start, but we haven’t decided yet. Each injury depends on the person and he is very strong, not just mentally but also physically." — Avram Grant[1]
  • I want to thank John Terry for coming into the dressing room and congratulating us, he's a true gentleman.
  • "If you need help with anything, John is always there. And even he has made mistakes, does he have to be reminded of that all his life," - Juan Mata.
  • "John is naturally somebody who attracts people to follow him. You know how you can dress any way you want, but if you have natural style, it doesn't matter. John has that leadership naturally," - Marcell Desailly.
  • "There is word in Italy, transcinatore. It means that player who can make all the people together. John is transcisnatore in Chelsea," - Carlo Ancelotti.
  • The careers of Maldini and that of John Terry are very close in comparison. Like Maldini at AC Milan, Terry was born in this club. Like Maldini, he went through the academy at this club. And he can play until he is 40. I don't see a big difference between them as players or people.
  • "It also became the club's culture. It would be very difficult to see him go from Chelsea.I can imagine that John will stayuntil the end of his career. It's more than money," - Guus Hiddink.

"The toughest opponents for me are the defenders who are tough in the way they play - where you can't see a way through," "Paolo Maldini and John Terry are two of the toughest men I have met on the field." - Ronaldinho


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