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Inspector Gadget 2

Inspector Gadget 2 is a 2003 Disney film. It's a sequel to the 1999 film.

Inspector GadgetEdit

  • Remember, crime doesn't pay.
  • Top Grade Axel Grease.
  • Relax, Mayor Wilson, it's only toothpaste. Remember, kids, brush twice a day.
  • Stupid Glitches.
  • Go-Go Gadget, something to get me down there!
  • I'm Looking For Dr. Claw.
  • (after hitting a stop sign) Who put that there!?
  • Remember, Kids. Brush Twice A Day.
  • Uh-oh, I'm having a glitch attack!
  • Come on, Guys, Let's Talk About it. Oh, Man, You're Stretching my Sweater. Gadget Mobile, HEEEEEEEEEEELP!!!
  • Fired? You Can't Fire Me, I Quit.

Dr. ClawEdit

  • Looks like Gadget finally found his true calling: Roto-Rooter Man.
  • Everyone, pay attention. Who could tell me what we need next to build a superweapon? The laser. The new experimental protoid laser thats being unvail at the Riverton science convention. But to take it, we are going to need a little diversion.
  • Wrong, Gadget. Crime ALWAYS pays! [cackles evilly]
  • Gadget's goose is cooked. More like, deep fried and burned into crisp.
  • Greetings, Mayor! I hope we don't mind drop in at your little party. Everybody, stop right where you are. The festivities has just begun and I promised it's gonna be a gas, laughing gas, that is. That's it. Laugh it up, Riverton, 'cause I'm having the last laugh now.
  • Oh, the lady Gadget. I'm so forward to meeting you. I hope you don't fall victim to my magnetic charm.
  • (sees Penny:) Well, if it isn't Mini-Gadget. GET HER!!!
  • (After Dropping off Penny to her doom) She has sixty seconds Wha ha ha.
  • Don't worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.
  • [cackling evilly] I always like my Gadget... WELL DONE! [cackles]
  • You may have won this round, but I'll get you next time, Gadget!


  • G2 reporting for duty.
  • I work alone.
  • I never need backup.
  • I guess if you have lemons, make lemonade.
  • Looks like this case is about to get wrapped up. Hey, I just made a joke.
  • Stop this felonious and unlawful act or I shall have to use force.
  • Very well, you were warned.


  • (after hearing Claw's plan) We gotta tell Uncle Gadget. Come on.
  • Uncle Gadget, help!
  • (after getting caught) Hey, is this the place to get new blowing shoes?

Tough Guy at BarEdit

  • What do you want?
  • Anything Else I Can Get You?
  • Sorry, We Don't Serve Lobster Here.
  • (After Gadget Puts Axle Grease on His Hand) [Angrily] WHY YOU!!! (Angrily Raises his Fist to Punch Inspector Gadget)
  • Hey, Look! I'm Knocking His Block-off. [Laughing]
  • Ooh, Look Boys. Now the Barbie is going to get rough with us.


  • Chief Quimby: GADGET!!!!! (several times in the movie)
  • Chief Quimby: You put my mother in jail for drag-racing?!!
  • Chief Quimby: Mom's tough love. (to Gadget) This is your last warning, Gadget. Stick to solving real crimes.
  • Gadgetmobile: Ooh Gadget's got a girlfriend Gadget's got a girlfrind!


Inspector Gadget: We're on a stakeout, Gadgetmobile.
Gadgetmobile: No, you on a stakeout. I'm on a sleep-in. So keep it down, a'ight?
Inspector Gadget: At least you could do is stay alert.
Gadgetmobile: Alert for what? Face it, Inspector G, since we got Claw locked up, all the bad guys are too afraid to show their faces in Riverton.

Penny: Hey, Uncle Gadget! Hi, Brain!
Inspector Gadget: Penny, I thought we agree to call me "Inspector" in front of the harden criminal.
Penny: She's a harden criminal?
Inspector Gadget: Don't be fooled by appearances, Penny. Look what I found under her purse. (shows false teeth) Probably from one of her victims. And look at this. (shows prune juice) Liquid evil.
Mrs. Quimby: But, Inspector...
Inspector Gadget: Save it for the judge, perp. Yeah, "but, but, but." Everybody's got a big "but".

Inspector Gadget: I'm all messed up!
Baxter: I'm sorry, Gadget, but I don't see what the problem is.
Inspector Gadget: Watch. Go Go Gadget Toothbrush. (Gadget Bubble gum shoots Baxter) See? Bubble gum.
Baxter: I see what the problem is.
Inspector Gadget: Isn't there something you can do for me, Baxter?
Baxter: You're the prototype Gadget, Gadget, misbound to have a few glitches but I'm happy to know we've been working. I'll let in a little secret. Soon, we'll be unveiling something... (top secret door closes) Soon, I'll solve all this glitches for good. Soon.
Inspector Gadget: Wowzers! Thanks, Baxter. Well, I better go check in with the Chief.
Baxter: Oh, I wouldn't bother the Chief right now. I heard some idiot arrested his mother this afternoon.
Chief Quimby: Where is he?! GADGET!! You put my mother in jail for drag-racing?!
Inspector Gadget: And driving without a license. You always said, Chief, "No one is above the law."
Chief Quimby: That's what you said last week, when you arrested that group of girl rangers for selling cookies!
Inspector Gadget: Those "cookies" were three days past expiration date!
(Chief Quimby gets his hand with bubble gum)
Chief Quimby: You are this close to being put on probation, Gadget! Now, let's get my mother out! Heaven knows what's happening to her down there with all those lowlifes!

Chief Quimby: Mom's tough love. This your last warning, Gadget: Stick to solving real crimes!
Inspector Gadget: Chief, there are no criminals left. They're all in Riverton prison.

Dr. Claw: Brick, retrieve my darts. McKibble, serve my tea.
McKibble: I don't see why we gotta retrieve your darts and serve your tea.
Brick: Yeah!
McKibble: We're vicious minions, not valets.
(Dr. Claw pinches McKibble's nose)
McKibble: One sugar, or two?
Dr. Claw: Two.
(Dr. Claw lets go)
Brick: Here, boss. Dr. Claw, the place is a dump. What happened to your multi-million evil high-rising headquarters?
Dr. Claw: What do you think happened to it?! When Gadget arrested me, the police confiscated all my assets but after we've pulled out the crime of the century, I'll be back on top again.
McKibble: Great. Another crime of the century. I'm still on parole for the last one.
Brick: What's the plan this time?
Dr. Claw: Watch and see.
TV Anchor: The Federal Reserve Bank with a deposit of over five trillion dollars in pure gold was build two years ago after Riverton declared statistically the safest City in America. Utillsing the latest in security technology and a squadron of armed guards the bank is considered impregnable.
Dr. Claw: Not for long.
Brick: We are gonna rob the Federal Reserve...
Dr. Claw: Right Before Riverton Eyes and there won't be a thing Inspector Gadget can do about it.
Brick: How we gonna do that? They said the bank was impen-- impreg-- Really Hard to get into.
McKibble: Yeah I don't see how.
Dr. Claw: That's why you are gentlemen and I'm an evil genius.
Brick: He's got a point.
McKibble: Yeah.
Dr. Claw: We are going to build the ultimate superweapon but haven't got much time. We need to be ready in ten days because next Thursday at exactly 9:23 AM, the X-Force One Satellite would be directly over Riverton. And by then, we need to steal ion fuel cells, a protoid laser, and a ruby. Plus, a few miscellaneous knicknacks.
Brick: Yum. (smacks lips) I love knicknacks. (McKibble groans in frustration)

Chief Quimby: Gadget, I told you specifically not to go to the stakeout!
Inspector Gadget: That's not truly accurate, chief. You told me not to get within a 100 yards of the stakeout and I posted myself exactly 101 yards away.
G2: Then how did you manage to tangle up with me inside the warehouse?

Dr. Claw: Now, the third item that we need... (sees a drawing of himself) Huh? "I'm so evil! Blah, blah, blah!" As I was saying, the third item to complete my superweapon...
Brick: I know this one. The ruby.
Dr. Claw: Yes, but a big ruby say about 50,000 karats. (Chuckles)
McKibble: Your Clawsomeness, where we gonna find a rock that big?
Dr. Claw: At the Riverton Museum. The ruby will be unload by the Rajah of India Wednesday night at the Mayor's fundraising. We will go for a visit and have a fundraising of our own.

G2: What happened?
Inspector Gadget: I reactivated you.
G2: Inspector Gadget, why you'd do that?
Inspector Gadget: Well, I hate to see a good detective being recycled and I always have great admiration for your investigating abilities.
G2: Inspector, are you saying you like me? (Gadget drinks some blue substance but spits it out)
Inspector Gadget: Well, I suppose, in a man of speaking. Strictly professional.
(Inspector Gadget tap his hat to stop the heart icon)
G2: Thank you.
Inspector Gadget: You're welcome.

Penny: Claw, you'll never get away with this.
Dr. Claw: Penny, my dear, prepare to witness a great historical moment.
Penny: Of your demise?
Dr. Claw: I do enjoy your sense of humor.

McKibble: Riverton is in a deep freeze your clawcity
Brick: That means thime has stopped.
McKibble: That's what I said.
Dr. Claw: Good, Now we won't have any trouble with traffic.
Penny: Uncle Gadget.

Brick: Dr. Claw, it's Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not again.
Penny: Oh, Uncle Gadget.
Dr. Claw: Not to worry. Time for Gadget to go out with a bang.

Brick: He's still after us!
Dr. Claw: McKibble! Lose him!

Brick: (He sees Gadget making a funny face at the telescope screen) He's on the roof!
McKibble: On the roof?
Penny: Uncle Gadget, help!
Dr. Claw: McKibble! Get him off!
McKibble: Take some of this, Gadget! (He swerves the car around but Gadget is holding on to the telescope to avoid falling off)
Dr Claw: Time to switch to plan B!! (He grabs Penny and puts her in something)
Inspector Gadget: Go go gadget can opener...hahaha!!! (He cuts out a hole in the roof and glares at Dr. Claw) Claw, stop the truck and come out with your claw up!
Dr. Claw: You know, Gadget, there's one true detective in your family and it isn't you...too bad you did not listen to her when you had a chance.
Inspector Gadget: Penny? Penny?
Dr. Claw: Now it's time to say goodbye to me and to your partner.
(Dr. Claw drops Penny off the truck inside a go kart filled with explosives and chains)

Penny: Uncle Gadget!
Inspector Gadget: Penny, you okay?
Penny: Claw is getting away.
Inspector Gadget: That's not important right now. Penny you matter to me more than anything.

[G2 and the Gadgetmobile are mourning the deaths of Gadget and Penny]

Penny: (Coughing in the smoke) Uncle Gadget? Uncle Gadget? [Gadget falls onto the car's hood]
Inspector Gadget: Not to worry. I only landed on my head.
G2: They're alive!
Gadgetmobile: They're alive! They're alive!
G2: They're alive!
Penny: Uncle Gadget!
(Inspector Gadget and Penny hug)
Penny: You saved my life!
Inspector Gadget: I'm so worried about you.
G2: Good work, Penny.
Penny: Thanks to you, too.

Dr. Claw: WHAAT??? It's Gadget again! There's only one way to get rid of the pest. McKibble, run him over.
McKibble: One order of road kill coming right up!

Baxter: Good night, Gadget. See you on Monday.
Inspector Gadget: Good night, Baxter.
Penny: 'Night, Baxter. Come on, Brain.

G2: Inspector, I just wanted to say I may have been a bit premature in my eariler evauluation of your abilities.
Inspector Gadget: Well, that's very bit of you, G2.
G2: I was wrong to think of you as inept, clumsy, imbecilic...
Inspector Gadget: Don't mention it.
G2: Obsolete, simple-minded, malfunctioning...
Inspector Gadget: Yes, yes, I get the picture.
G2: Anyway, I look forward to more teamwork in the future.
(Inspector Gadget and G2 shake hands and they have glowing hearts in their hats. They kiss and Inspector Gadget's hat is shooting fireworks)

(A Firework blasts near Chief Quimby and Mayor Wilson)



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