God of War: Chains of Olympus

God of War: Chains of Olympus is a 2008 action-adventure game developed by Ready at Dawn for the Playstation Portable. The plot follows Kratos as he unravels a plot which will result in the death of all things, mortal and god alike.


  • [seeing the Sun fall from the sky] What treachery is this?
  • [at the broken chains of Atlas] Who would release such evil?
  • [Upon releasing the success of Persephone's plan will mean his daughter's death] NOOO! I will not let the Gods take her from me again!
  • [to Atlas]] I do not need the aid of the gods. But my path is now clear to me. I will serve them, and they will keep their promise to free me from my past.
  • [responding to Atlas' question of the value of an Olympian's promise] It is all I have, Atlas.


  • Do you think it was my choice to wed a man I did not love? Live a life I did not choose? I was betrayed by the very gods that once saw me as their own. But no more!
  • I will perish, but it is my choice.
  • Spartan!! Witness the end!!
  • Your suffering will never end, Ghost of Sparta.


[After Kratos has slaughtered many souls in Elysium to regain his power as the Ghost of Sparta]
Calliope: No! Father, NO! [heartbroken, starts to cry. Kratos looks at her and for a moment, looks regretful]
Narrator: At that moment, Kratos knew his destiny was not with Calliope. The Fates were never that kind.

Narrator: The mighty Atlas was left enchained. Cursed to forever hold the world on his shoulders. A greater penance than Zeus himself had placed upon the Titans. The fate of Atlas had been sealed, and the goddess Persephone was no more. Kratos had saved mankind, but that mattered little to him. By forsaking his daughter, he had abandoned the only person he ever cared for. What he had long sought and finally found was now forever lost. As the sun chariot rose higher into the sky, and the might of Helios once again on the world, Morpheus retreated to the shadows. Kratos gained little satisfaction from his victory. With years of servitude in front of him, he would need to confront his past and fight to reclaim the humanity he had lost, on the day his dark legend was born.

[Having returned the sun god Helios to the sky, Kratos loses conciousness and plummets from the heavens towards the earth]
Narrator: The dire toll of his relentless battles finally caught up with him, as Kratos fell from the chariot to the earth. Was this sacrifice too much for one to bear? Even for the man who was known as the Ghost of Sparta?
[Just before Kratos slams into the ground, an invisible forces catches him and sets him gently on the ground. Two gods appear and remove his weapons]
Helios: He has again served us well, Athena.
Athena: He is a remarkable mortal.
Helios: He is weak. Shall we help him?
Athena: He'll live. They must.
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