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Eraserhead is a 1977 film film about a man who tries to survive his industrial environment, his angry girlfriend, and the unbearable screams of his newly born mutant child.

Written and directed by David Lynch.
In Heaven Everything Is Fine.

Henry SpencerEdit

  • [the Baby is going into violent convulsions and has broken out in spots] Oh, you are sick!


  • Lady in the Radiator: [singing] In Heaven, everything is fine.
    In Heaven, everything is fine.
    In Heaven, everything is fine.
    You've got your good things, and I've got mine.
    In Heaven, everything is fine.
    In Heaven, everything is fine.
    In Heaven, everything is fine.
    You've got your good things, and you've got mine.
    In Heaven, fine.
    ~ In Heaven
  • Beautiful Girl Across the Hall: I locked myself out of my apartment... [pause] and it's so late.
  • Pencil Factory Manager: [exasperated from his assistant's constant buzzing] OKAY, PAUL!


Mrs. X: It's Henry isn't it? Mary tells me you're a very nice fellow. What do you do?
Henry: Oh, I'm on vacation.
Mrs. X: What did you do?

Mr. X: I thought I heard a stranger. We've got chicken tonight. Strangest damn things. They're man-made. Little damn things, smaller than my fist - but they're new!...... I'm Bill.
Henry: Hello. I'm Henry.
Mrs. X: Henry's at Lappell's factory.
Mr. X: So, printin's yer business, eh? Plumbin's mine. Thirty years! I've watched this neighborhood change from pastures to the hell-hole it is now! I put every damn pipe in this town!
Mary X: Dad!..
Mrs. X: Bill...
Mr. X: People think pipes grow in their homes! Well they sure as hell don't. Look at my knees! Look at my knees!
Mrs. X: Bill...
Mr. X: Are ya hungry?
Mrs. X: Bill...

Mr. X: Well Henry, what do you know?
Henry: Oh, I don't know much of anything.

Henry: [as the chickens begin moving] So I just, uh... I just cut them up like regular chickens?
Mr. X: Sure, just cut them up like regular chickens [this quote got sampled by Amon Tobin on Permutation (album), for the track "Like Regular Chickens"].

Mrs. X: Henry, may I speak to you a minute? Over here. Did you and Mary have sexual intercourse?
Henry: [stammering] Why?
Mrs. X: Did you?
Henry: Why are you asking me this question?
Mrs. X: I have a very good reason, and now I want you to tell me.
Henry: I'm, I'm very... I love Mary!
Mrs. X: Henry, I asked you if you and Mary had sexual intercourse!
Henry: Well, I don't... I don't think that's any of your business!
Mrs. X: Henry!
Henry: I'm sorry.
Mrs. X: You're in very bad trouble if you won't cooperate... [nuzzling at his neck]
Henry: Well, I... Mary!
Mary X: [grabbing her away] Mother! [sobs]
Mrs. X: Answer me!
Henry: I'm too nervous.
Mrs. X: There's a baby. It's at the hospital.
Mary X: Mom!
Mrs. X: And you're the father.
Henry: Well that's impossible! It's only been...
Mary X: Mother, they're still not sure it is a baby!

Mary X: You wouldn't mind marrying me, would you Henry?
Henry: Well... No.

Mary X: [to the crying baby] Shut up! [Baby continues to cry] I can't take it anymore! I'm going home!
Henry: What are you talking about?
Mary X: All I need is a decent night's sleep!
Henry: Why don't you just stay home...
Mary X: I'll do what I want! And you better take good care of things while I'm gone!


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