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Duck Dodgers

Duck Dodgers is an animated TV series that aired between 2003 to 2005.

Duck Dodgers (played by Daffy Duck)Edit

  • Sorta like the pawns in checkers.
  • (Dazed) Did I miss the great pumpkin? Did he leave us any toys?
  • Oh no! He made a stick and a rock!
  • A chance to win an unknown prize I may not even want? Count me in!

Cadet (played by Porky Pig)Edit

  • Dodger's is in tro-tro-Oh he's in for a world of hurt.

Martian Commander (played by Marvin the Martian)Edit

  • Exploding rocket fuel makes such a lovely fireball.
  • Another disillusion fan wanting to imitate the trench scene. How many life's must that wretched film take!


Dodgers: Prepare for emergency evasion. Fire the overthrusters!
Cadet: Ch-Check!
Dodgers: Engage the superdrive!
Cadet: Superdrive engaged!
Dodgers: Deploy the-the umm...I think it's the yellow button. It's uhh..usually flashing, it makes the engine go WHOOSH!

Dodgers: I've only got one pass at this.
Cadet: T-Trust your feelings captain.
Dodgers: Nah, I'm sure I'm going to use this expensive targeting computer.

Van Chancey: Hello, and welcome to another addition to the galaxy's #1 game show: "Van Chancey's NOT A CHANCE!"! I'm your host Van Chancey!
Dodgers: (ecstatically) Wow! It's Van Chancey! I've never herd of this guy!

Star Johnson: Will this work?
I.Q. High: Who can say? Science is an inexact uhh.. (short pause) science.

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