The Drakengard (a.k.a. Drag-On Dragoon) series is a video game franchise created by Cavia, the company behind the spin-off title Nier.

Drakengard (2003)Edit

Furiae: It begins.

Caim: [brimming with hatred] A dragon!

Red Dragon: [when Caim raises his sword to finish off the already wounded dragon] Kill me if you desire. But you can never dirty my soul, wretched human.
Caim: Tell me—do you still want to live, dragon?
Red Dragon: [caught off-guard] What?
Caim: A pact! There's no other way!
Red Dragon: Hmph! What makes you worthy of a pact with me?
Caim: Worthy or not, I wish to live. Despise me if you will, but I shall not die! Your answer! A pact, or…death?!

Caim: [exhales] Your answer.
Red Dragon: A pact, or death… We are united by our need to live.
Caim: Well…?
Red Dragon: Yes… A pact.

Inuart: Welcome to a world without song…

Ending AEdit

Red Dragon: [as she becomes the new seal; sees Caim crying for her] I have never…seen you weep before.

[She raises her head to look at Caim.]

Red Dragon: There is but one thing I wish for you to remember. …Angelus. My name is Angelus.

[Stunned, Caim looks away, a single tear running down his cheek.]

Angelus: You are the first…and the last of your kind…to know my name. Farewell, fool human…

Ending EEdit

Angelus: It is done! At last…
  • Note: This ending directly leads to the events of Nier.

Drakengard 3 (2014)Edit

One: We've both been rejected by the world. We both feel the same threat. And yet...here we are, fated to kill each other in the end.

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