Charles Thomson (artist)

Charles Thomson

Charles Thomson (born 6 February 1953) is an English artist, photographer, poet and writer. He is a co-founder of the Stuckists art group.


  • Artists who don't paint aren't artists.
    • Milner, Frank (ed): The Stuckists Punk Victorian [National Museums Liverpool, 2005], p. 134
    • From The Stuckist Manifesto (1999) co-written with Billy Childish
  • He disrupted things and that’s fine, but now things have been shaken up so much that it’s been shaken up into little bits and the little bits have been shaken up into even smaller bits. We are saying let’s put it all back together.
  • The result of walking round Tate Modern is not an experience of the marvel of creative profundity which gives meaning to life, but more akin to the detritus of a dryly analytical bureaucrat reverting to an infantile stage during an extended breakdown.

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