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Casey bats again

Casey Bats Again is an animated short film that first premiered on June 18, 1954. A sequel to the Make Mine Music segment Casey at the Bat, it tells the story of Casey's daughters forming a baseball team and redeeming his reputation.

Casey Bats AgainEdit

Casey: Hey, answer the phone, will ya?! This is Casey!

Narrator: While being his wife's little helper, in the bassinet Casey found...a girl! Not a boy! (raincloud appears above Casey's house) Years passed and Casey grew accustomed to his fate...until once again, that whisper from his mate. (cloud disappears)

Three Babies: (harmoniously) Wah! Wah! Wah!

Narrator as Casey: There's three!

Dr. Morton: Three girls.

Narrator: The second strike on Casey...overcome with modesty.

Narrator: There was something Mrs. Casey wanted to explain, but Casey didn't listen, so he had himself to blame.

Narrator: When the fateful arrived, calm Casey changed his tone and Dr. Morton knew exactly who was on the phone.