Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall (Camilla Rosemary; née Shand, previously Parker Bowles; born 17 July 1947) is the second wife of Charles, Prince of Wales, heir apparent to Queen Elizabeth II and a member of the British Royal Family.


  • That a fine animal, sir. My name is Camilla Shand. Very pleased to meet you.
    • Reportedly the first thing Camilla said to the Prince of Wales on meeting him at the polo match
    • Author: Caroline Graham, Camilla and Charles: The Love Story, published in (2005), pg. 25
  • I really need a gin and tonic.
    • After half an hour of tea and small talk when Prince William met his father's partner for first time in July 1998.
    • Smith, Rex: Newsweek, Volume 135, Issues 18-26 published in (2000), pg. 272
  • English students don't spend much time on their studies. They're more interested in partying and having fun.
    • The Duchess of Cornwall compares hardworking Pakistani students to the National Union of Students, October 2006.
    • Guardian, 5 Nov 2006

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