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Buzz Osborne

Buzz Osborne, also known as King Buzzo, is the guitarist/vocalist/songwriter and last remaining founding member for The Melvins. He is also a founding member/guitarist for both Fantômas and Venomous Concept.


  • Hey hehe, here we are at a Thursday night, we're the Melvins... and we are going to play now, so... we're straight from hell!
  • Yeah, although when Deep Six came out, nobody gave a shit about it; nobody bought that album.
  • Ozzfest needs a good exorcism. No actually there is not devil there. The devil isn't there, the devil has got better things to do, you know.
  • Major labels really have no interest in us. That's fine, I don't care, you know. A lot of them want us to do demos, but I refuse to do demos for a bunch of 24-year-old-little-morons who tell me what's wrong with my music.
  • I like Velvet Underground fine, but I don't need to hear another band to sound like that.
  • Sabbath were a influence to some degree, but I drew my... most of my influence is from another source: Flipper, Black Flag... Venom, stuff like that... Warhead by Venom that's more of an influence...
  • Drummer doesn't know the song and neither does our bass player, I don't care.
  • Nah, we never try that's the problem with us.
  • Fans of The Melvins, they kind of know to expect weird things from me anyway, so they're not really too confused about this. The people who are confused are the down and dirty Slayer fans. - about the Fantômas-Sideproject
  • My dad was right, I'm never going to get anywhere playing music. - To then Melvins bassist Kevin Rutmanis on a bridge in Auckland (New Zealand).
  • I didn't see much future these guys. They were pretty much... bordering on retarded... ah, bums basically, unemployed... and rock n' roll made them millionaires. - about Nirvana
  • Our hearing is really starting to go so we have to crank the amps up a lot more than we used to, but I don't give a fuck about hearing. As far as I'm concerned I've heard enough and the older I get the less I'm going to want to hear anyway. Fuck hearing or listening to anything or anyone about anything or anyone.
  • Grunge is commercial garbage.

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