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Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams OC OBC (born 5 November 1959) is a Canadian singer, guitarist and songwriter. Adams was inducted into Canada's Walk of Fame in 1998 and in April 2006, he was inducted into the Music Hall of Fame at Canada's Juno Awards.


  • I bring out an engineer, everything fits into a suitcase and we just record. I have so much spare time during that day that it makes sense to utilize it to do something creative like that, as opposed to just sitting around the hotel and sightseeing or something.
    • Adams tells that he recorded the new songs for "Room Service" in hotel rooms and other locales while on the road. (April 08, 2008). Url accessed on December 15, 2008

Song lyricsEdit

Cuts Like a Knife (1983)Edit

All songs written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance except where noted.

  • Give it to me straight from the heart.
    Tell me we can make one more start.
    You know I'll never go - as long as I know
    It's comin' straight from the heart.
  • I'm ready - to love you.
    I'm ready - to hold you.
    I'm ready - I'm ready.
    Ready as I'm gonna be.
  • I won't stand bein' broken hearted;
    I won't be pushed around.
    The rules were set when we got started,
    But lately I have found

    We've spent too little time and too much heartache.
    I feel we're losin' ground.
    And lately I've been hearin'
    You won't be needin' me around.

Reckless (1984)Edit

All songs written by Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance except where noted.

  • One night love affair,
    Tryin' to make like we don't care.
    We were both reachin' out for somethin'.

    One night love affair,
    Pretendin' it ain't there.
    Oh - and now we're left with nothin'.

  • I'm gonna run to you.
    Yeah - I'm gonna run to you.
    Cause when the feelin's right, I'm gonna stay all night.
  • Oh thinkin’ about all our younger years.
    There was only you and me.
    We were young and wild and free.
    Now nothing can take you away from me.
    We've been down that road before.
    But that's over now.
    You keep me coming back for more.

    And baby you're all that I want.
    When you're lying here in my arms,
    I’m finding it hard to believe we're in heaven.

  • I've been lookin' for someone
    Between the fire and the flame.
    We're all lookin' for somethin'
    To ease the pain.
    Now who can you turn to
    When it's all black and white?
    And the winners are losers.
    You see it every night.

    I need somebody,
    Somebody like you.
    Everybody needs somebody.

  • I got my first real six-string,
    Bought it at the five-and-dime.
    Played it till my fingers bled,
    It was the summer of '69

    Me and some guys from school
    Had a band and we tried real hard.
    Jimmy quit and Jody got married;
    I shoulda known we'd never get far.

    Oh, when I look back now,
    That summer seemed to last forever.
    And if I had the choice,
    Yeah - I'd always wanna be there.
    Those were the best days of my life.

  • When your heart has been broken,
    Hard words have been spoken.
    It ain't easy - but it's only love.

Into the Fire (1987)Edit

  • Oh this heart's on fire.
    Right from the start it's been burnin' for you.
    Oh this heart's on fire.
    One thing honey - this heart's true.

Waking Up the Neighbours (1991)Edit

All songs written by Bryan Adams and Robert John "Mutt" Lange, except as noted

  • You might stop a hurricane,
    Might even stop the drivin' rain.
    You might have a dozen other guys,
    But if you wanna stop me baby - don't even try.
    I'm goin' one way - your way.
    It's such a strong way - let's make it our way.
  • Baby - thought I'd died and gone to heaven;
    Such a night I never had before.
    Thought I'd died and gone to heaven,
    Cause what I got there ain't no cure for.
  • Do I have to say the words?
    Do I have to tell the truth?
    Do I have to shout it out?
    Do I have to say a prayer?
    Must I prove to you how good we are together?
    Do I have to say the words?
  • Look into my eyes, you will see
    What you mean to me.
    Search your heart, search your soul.
    And when you find me there,
    You’ll search no more.

    Don’t tell me it’s not worth trying for.
    You can’t tell me it’s not worth dying for.
    You know it’s true,
    Everything I do, I do it for you.

18 til I Die (1996)Edit

All songs written by Bryan Adams and Robert John "Mutt" Lange, except as noted

  • I love the way you look tonight
    With your hair hangin' down on your shoulders.
    N' I love the way you dance your slow sweet tango,
    The way you wanna do everything but talk.
    And how you stare at me with those undress me eyes,
    Your breath on my body makes me warm inside.
  • Wanna be young, the rest of my life.
    Never say no, try anything twice.
    Til the angels come and ask me to fly.
    Gonna be 18 til I die - 18 til I die.
    Can't live forever, that's wishful thinkin'.
    Whoever said that must have been drinkin'.
    Don't wanna grow up, I don't see why.
    I couldn't care less if time flies by.

    18 til I die - gonna be 18 til I die.
    Yeah it sure feels good to be alive.
    Someday I'll be 18 goin' on 55!

  • There's a road, long and winding.
    The lights are blindin', but it gets there.
    Don't give up, don't look back.
    There's a silver linin', it's out there somewhere.
    Everybody wants an answer, everybody needs a friend.
    We all need a shinin' star on which we can depend.
  • To really love a woman,
    To understand her, you gotta know her deep inside.
    Hear every thought, see every dream.
    And give her wings, when she wants to fly.
    Then when you find yourself lyin' helpless in her arms,
    You know you really love a woman.

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