Beverly Hills Ninja

Beverly Hills Ninja is a 1997 comedy film starring Chris Farley as a bumbling ninja in Beverly Hills. Written by Mark Feldberg and Mitchell Klebanoff and directed by Dennis Dugan.

Allison PageEdit

  • I wish I'd killed you months ago.
  • There's no time! There's a bomb in here!


Haru: I am the great white ninja.

Haru: I have traveled many miles and now have come disguised as a pimp to help you.

Haru: Nice jacket, who shot the couch? (Laughter)

Haru: Haru, you are truly the Great White Ninja. (Finds out henchmen heard him say that) Did I say "ninja"? I meant "ninny." "Haru, you are such a ninny."


Haru: The blackness of my belt is as black as inside of a coffin on a moonless night.
Joey: That's pretty black.

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