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Avner Strauss

Avner Strauss

Avner Strauss (born 5 November 1954) is an Israeli poet, singer, songwriter, and guitarist.


  • The blind man sits in the dark, but for guests he turns on the light. 12 Years Before Now, In Jerusalem, the Skies are Lower (1991).
  • If the Blues were wine, I'd be drunk all the time. If the Blues Were Wine, 1/2 Precent Blues (1995).
  • In Jerusalem, the skies are closer. In Jerusalem, the Skies are Lower.
  • If you count the thorns, the flower disappears. The Rains, Anyhow.
  • If I had plenty, I'd be content with what I have. If I Were a Cat.
  • In Jerusalem, even the silence speaks. In Jerusalem, the Skies are Lower (1989).
  • Mama Rhino cries out loud, his nose is always the issue, every time he wipes his nose, he rips apart the tissue. Friends of the Rhino (2005).
  • Words flow under a bridge of silence. A Song For You (1980).
  • Rain was the nemesis of the snow, and the snow for the flowers. I Answer as if Someone Really Meant to Ask, Birds of the Mind and Chameleons of the Heart (1978).
  • Dry bones make good flutes The Hollow Flute, from "Voices Within The Ark" Howard Schwartz, Jewish Poets, [ISBN 978-0380761098].
  • Inside every widow there's a spider that weaves it's webs in the corners of her heart. "Voices Within the Ark", ibid.
  • So many lovers, yet there is no love. Birds of the Mind and Chameleons of the Heart (1978).
  • To bend down for money is OK, but to bow is not. Introduction to Money, Power, and Honor, In Jerusalem, the Skies are Lower (1989).
  • Once, my wife would make me coffee. These days, she hardly puts the kettle on. Distance and other Measures (1994).
  • when a fool fails he says I was unlucky, when a wise man fails he says what a fool I had been. Song "If I was a Cat" live version. (2003 Blues Festival)
  • When you have a full bouquet you can't sit back and smell each flower. Artist Pages.
  • The mind is like a sea, few are those who dare sail, most stand on the shore and watch. Artist pages. (A.S.)
  • The Blues is an acoustic tear. (on his Album "Blues Haor Haganuz")
  • A cup of kindness is better than a whole bottle of mercy can be. ( Song )


From "Distance and other Measures", Don from Mars/ Somebody's Crazy and it Ain't Me.

Dr.Lindenstrauss: So tell me Don, why don't you go back there?
Don: Are you nuts? If I go back to Mars, and tell them that I came from Earth, they would put me straight in an insane asylum.

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