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Assassin's Creed II

Assassin's Creed II is an action adventure game for Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and Windows PC. The game depicts the story of an assassin in the late fifteenth century on a quest for revenge against those responsible for the betrayal of his father and two brothers.

"The truth is written in blood."

Ezio Auditore da FirenzeEdit

  • A minute is all I need... (Cristina: Indeed...) Wait, that came out wrong.
  • I'm mostly innocent!
  • Requiescat in pace. (Rest in peace. [Latin, not Italian])
  • I thought... I thought I was beyond this... But I'm not. I've waited too long... lost too much... Requiescant in pace, you bastard!
  • niente è vero, tutto è permesso. Requiescant in pace. (Nothing is true, everything is permitted. May they rest in peace)
  • (About the coffee) A little bitter, if you ask me. It just seems lacking somehow. I don't know, have you considered adding sugar maybe? Or latte (milk)?
  • It's been over ten years since I watched my father and brothers die. Ten years hunting down the men responsible. I'm close to the end now, but no closer to understanding what any of it was for!
  • Vai a farti fottere. (Go fuck yourself)
  • It's over, Rodrigo. [casts aside his sword and weapons, for a fair fight] No more tricks. No more ancient artifacts. No more weapons. Let us see what you are made of, old man.
  • The Auditore are not dead! I'm still here! ME! Ezio! Ezio Auditore!!
  • Vittoria agli Assassini! (Victory to the Assassins!)


  • Bastardi! (Bastards!)
  • Buongiorno, bello mio. (Hello, my beautiful). You back to see me already?
  • You may not see it, Ezio, but it's better here because of the things you've done.

Desmond MilesEdit

  • Abstergo has some really fucked up interior decorators...
  • .../...All right. I'm in. Tell me what you need.
  • Ah... Good ol' subject 16. He repainted my room, you know? ...With his blood.
  • What. The. Fuck?

Mario AuditoreEdit

  • Che la morte ti dia la pace che cercavi. Requiescant in pace. (May death provide the peace you sought. Rest in peace.)
  • Don't you recognize me? It's-a me, Mario!


  • Woman [running away during attack/fight] I can't die! I am beautiful!
  • Woman [got pushed by Ezio free running] Am I annoying to you, sire? (in a very high-pitched voice)
  • Man 1 [witnessing Ezio free run/climb] He must be late.
Man 2: And she must be beautiful.
Man 3: [after witnessing Ezio climb] "You could hurt someone pulling stunts like that."
  • Guard : Figlio di Puttana ! (Son of a Whore!)


Federico: It is a good life we lead, brother.
Ezio: The best. May it never change.
Federico: And may it never change us.

[Desmond sits in the Animus 2.0.]

Desmond Miles: So, how does this work?

[Rebecca shows him a needle connected to the Animus.]

Desmond: Of course...
Rebecca Crane: Deep breath...

[Rebecca "plugs" Desmond in.]

Desmond: Agh!
Shaun Hastings: Oh, what are you, a tiny child?
Rebecca: [exasperated] Shaun!
Shaun: Well...

Desmond Miles: [While trying to escape Abstergo] What's the plural of "Animus"? Is it "Animuses"? "Animi"? What do you think, Lucy? ...Lucy?
Lucy Stillman: Desmond. Shut-the fuck-up. Please!

[while helping Leonardo da Vinci.]

Maria Auditore: You should find an outlet.
Ezio Auditore: I have plenty of outlets.
Maria Auditore: (seriously) I meant besides vaginas.
Ezio Auditore: Mother....

Uberto Alberti: You would have done the same. To save the ones you love.
Ezio Auditore: Yes. I would. And I have. [to the crowd] The Auditore are not dead!! I'm still here! ME! Ezio! Ezio Auditore!

[Ezio is meeting with Antonio, leader of Venezia's thieves.]

Antonio: Avanti, Ezio! Prego. Can I offer you something? Biscotti (Biscuit)? Un caffe (A coffee)?
Ezio: What's "caffe"?
Antonio: An interesting concoction given to me by a Turk merchant. [hands him a cup] Here, have a taste.
Ezio: [takes a sip] A little bitter if you ask me. It just seems lacking somehow. I don't know - have you considered adding sugar maybe? Or latte? (milk)
Antonio: I suppose it's something of an acquired taste.

[Vieri di Pazzi is confronting Ezio.]

Ezio: Buona sera (Good afternoon), Vieri. We were just talking about you! I'm surprised to see you here. I thought the Pazzi hired others to do their dirty work.
Vieri: It's your family that cries for guards when there's trouble, cordardo (coward). Afraid to handle things yourself?
Ezio: Your sister seemed quite satisfied with the "handling" I gave her earlier!

[Ezio and his men laugh]

Vieri: [enraged] Uccidetelo (Kill him)! [throws a rock, which hits Ezio in side of his face.]

[Leonardo da Vinci and Ezio Auditore are on their boat to Venice]

Leonardo da Vinci: Be careful, Ezio. Do you know who that was?
Ezio: My next conquest?
Leonardo: I don't think so, Ezio! That's Caterina Sforza, daughter of the Duca di Milano. Her husband is-
Ezio: Husband?
Leonardo: Si. (Yes.) Her husband is the Lord of Forli. That woman is as powerful and dangerous as she is young and beautiful.
Ezio: Sembra la donna giusta per me. (Sounds like my kind of lady.)

Ezio Auditore: Do not be afraid.
Emilio Barbarigo: I feel no fear, Assassin. Only regret. I sought unity. Stability. Order.
Ezio Auditore: At too great a cost.
Emilio Barbarigo: Progress demands sacrifice.
Ezio Auditore: Non trovo alcuna gioia in questo, ma non c'e altro modo (I take no joy in this, but I see no other way). Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace).

Ezio Auditore: Now Firenze will judge you for what you've done.
Francesco de' Pazzi: It's over... It's all over...
Ezio Auditore: Meglio essere felici in questa vita che aspirare a esserlo nella prossima (Better to be content in this life, than aspire to it in the next). Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace).

Jacopo de' Pazzi: (gasping, bleeding to death)
Ezio Auditore: Vai, amico, libero da fardelli e paure (Go forward, friend, unburdened and unafraid). Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace).

Ezio Auditore: What are you and your allies planning? Is this what my father discovered? Is this why he was killed?
Vieri de' Pazzi: I'm sorry, were you hoping for a confession? [dies]
Ezio Auditore: [outside the Memory Corridor] Pezzo di merda! Vorrei solo che avessi sofferto di più! Hai avuto la fine che meritavi! Spero che bru- (Piece of shit! I only wished you'd suffered more! You met the fate you deserved! I hope yo-)
Mario Auditore: Enough, Ezio! Show some respect!
Ezio Auditore: Respect!? After all that's happened!? Do you think he would have shown us such kindness!?
Mario Auditore: You are not Vieri. Do not become him. [closes Vieri's eyes] Requiescant in pace. (Rest in peace.)

Marco Barbarigo: No, it's too soon. I'm not ready.
Ezio Auditore: We rarely are. Che la morte non sia crudele. (Death be not unkind.) Requiescant in pace. (Rest in peace.)

Ezio Auditore: What's happened here? Why the boats? I thought you sought the Doge's seat.
Silvio Barbarigo: Just a distraction. We were meant to sail...
Ezio Auditore: Sail where?
Silvio Barbarigo: I'll never tell. [dies]
Dante Moro: Cyprus is their destination. They want...they...want...
Ezio Auditore: Non temete l'oscurita - accettate il suo abbraccio (Fear not the darkness - but welcome its embrace). Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace).

Ezio Auditore: It takes one Assassin to kill another, it seems.
Carlo Grimaldi: We kill thinking it's best for us, do we not, Messer Ezio?
Ezio Auditore: I do this not for myself. Compio questo sacrificio per il bene superiore (I make this sacrifice for the greater good). Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace).

[in the Animus scene, Ezio has an unconscious Rodrigo Borgia at his mercy]

Ezio Auditore: I thought, I thought I was beyond this. But I'm not... I've waited too long...lost too much! [prepares to deal the death blow] Requiescant in pace (Rest in peace), you bastard...!
Rodrigo Borgia: [regains conciousness] I don't think so! [knocks Ezio away] NO!! [knocks him back again as he charges. Uses the Staff's power to drain the energy of all in the Capella Sistina (Sistine Chapel), except Ezio, whose Apple protects him] How is it you resist? [notices the Apple] I see... Kind of you to bring me the Apple. Now give it here!
Ezio Auditore: Vai a farti fottere. (Go fuck yourself)
Rodrigo Borgia: [laughs] Ahh, always the fighter. Just like your father. Well - rejoice, my child - for you will see him again SOON! You WILL give it to me!
Ezio Auditore: [takes the Apple] As you wish. [summons four copies of himself]
Rodrigo Borgia: Fascinating! An impressive power, this. But if you think it's going to save you, you've another thing coming! [during the fight] How long do you think you can keep this up? A clever trick! But useless! [after Ezio overpowers him; kneeling] No! You will not take this from me...
Ezio Auditore: [holding his sword toward Rodrigo] It's finished, Rodrigo. Lay down your arms, and I will make sure the end comes swiftly.
Rodrigo Borgia: Really, Ezio? And would you give up so easily were it the other way around? [uses the Staff's power to knock Ezio back] Why don't we find out! [turns invisible; steps on Ezio's hand, who releses the Apple; picks it up] At last! [places the Apple on the Staff] And now to deal with you. [lifts Ezio a few inches above the ground with the Staff and Apple's power; takes a dagger and stabs Ezio, who goes unconscious; lets Ezio fall to the ground]

[Rodrigo descends a hidden passage, whose door shuts as Ezio awakens from unconsciousness; he uses Eagle Vision to find the hidden switches to open the passage. Ezio then descends the staircase into a strange glowing hallway]

Ezio Auditore: What is this place...? [finds Rodrigo in a small "pit," against the Vault door]
Rodrigo Borgia: [pounding on the door] Open, damn you! OPEN!!
Ezio Auditore: It's over, Rodrigo. [starts throwing his weapons aside] No more tricks. No more ancient artifacts. No more weapons. Let us see what you are made of, old man.
Rodrigo Borgia: Alright, then, if that's how you want to play it. [gets in fighting stance]

[As Rodrigo and Ezio fight for the last time in the Vault.]

Ezio Auditore: What do you even want with the Vault, Rodrigo!?
Rodrigo Borgia: (surprised) Don't you know what lies within!? Or do you mean to tell me the great and powerful Assassins never figured it out!?
Ezio Auditore: Figured what out?
Rodrigo Borgia: GOD! It's God that dwells within!
Ezio Auditore: (skeptical) You expect me to believe God lives beneath Il Vaticano?
Rodrigo Borgia: A more logical location than a kingdom on a cloud, don't you think? Surrounded by singing angels and cherubim. Makes for a lovely image, but the truth is far more interesting!
Ezio Auditore: Let's say I was to believe you; what do you think he'll do when you open that door?
Rodrigo Borgia: I don't care. It's not approval I'm after—only power!
Ezio Auditore: And you think he'll give it up!?
Rodrigo Borgia: What lies beyond that wall will not be able to resist the Staff and Apple. They were made for felling gods!
Ezio Auditore: God is supposed to be all-knowing, all-powerful. You think a couple of ancient relics can harm him!?
Rodrigo Borgia: You know nothing, boy. You take your image of the Creator from an ancient book; a book, mind you, written by men!
Ezio Auditore: You are the Pope! And yet you dismiss the central text of your faith!?
Rodrigo Borgia: (laughes coldly) Are you really so naïve!? I became Pope because it gave me access. It gave me power! Do you think I believe a single goddamn word of that ridiculous book!? It's all lies and superstition, just like every other religious tract written over the past ten thousand years!

[after Ezio defeats Rodrigo]

Rodrigo Borgia: You can't! You can't! It's my destiny! Mine! I am the prophet!
Ezio Auditore: You never were.
Rodrigo Borgia: Get it over with, then.
Ezio Auditore: ...No. Killing you won't bring my family back... I'm done. Nulla è reale, tutto è lecito (Nothing is true, everything is permitted). Requiescant in pace. (Rest in peace.)

[Dr. Warren Vidic is confronting Desmond and the others as they evacuate.]

Dr. Warren Vidic: You continue to disappoint in every conceivable way, Ms. Stillman! I saved your life once, do you remember!? And this is how you repay me!?
Lucy Stillman: You saved me so you could keep experimenting on people—destroying their lives!—and for what!?
Dr. Warren Vidic: [sighes] Oh, this tired argument again. As I recall, you were there—at my side—every step of the way. Their blood is on your hands just as much as mine!

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