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Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

Ones I promised the fans, that, if I have an opportunity, I will come back to Peterburg. That's what I did. Though I had enough other offers.

Anatoliy Oleksandrovych Tymoshchuk (born 30 March 1979) is an Ukrainian footballer who plays for w:Russian Premier League club w:Zenit St. Petersburg and the Ukrainian national team as a holding midfielder.


By TymoshchukEdit

  • Find in yourself the strength and wisdom to show love and care to everyone, near you, regardless of the region they live in, ethnicity or religion. Be wise and don't be fooled by provocation, be united under the idea of brotherhood, unity and love to the Ukraine! Russians, Ukrainians and all the other Slavic people, are historically brother nations. A brother can't go against his brother, it's a curse and grief. There is a force stronger than weapons in this world, it is love.", Tymoschuk about the 2014 political crisis in Ukraine and the Russo-Ukrainian war, 2014.
  • "We are playing for different fans, we are united by our love to football. Ukraine is diverse, Ukraine is united - Kiev, Donetsk, Dniepropetrovsk, Kharkov, Odessa, Sevastopol, Lutsk... all of Ukraine. Lets say "stop!" to violence. Lets be united, in what we love - we love Ukraine", Tymoschuk talking about the political crisis in Ukraine following the Euromaidan events, 2014.[1]
  • "I am often being asked about Petersburg and it's fans. I always say, those are open people, that love their city, their team and try to show it. I am glad, there is such a city, there is such a team and such people, that support that team. In Munich they are all... German! What else can I say? It's as if they come to the theater, everyone are sitting quietly.", Tymoschuk talking about the fans of Zenit, 2013.[2]
  • "It's hard for me to talk about the events, which happened before my arrival, I didn't take part in them, but I know, the atmosphere in the club can be better. I think, each of us has to understand, that we as a team, as one unit need to reach results.", Tymoschuk about the conflicts which started in Zenit at the time he was absent, 2013.[3]
  • "Zenit was always in my heart. That's where I won my first European title. When I left Saint Petersburg in 2009, the fans followed me to the airport, and I promised, I will return to Russia.
  • "Ones I promised the fans, that, if I have an opportunity, I will come back to Peterburg. That's what I did. Though I had enough other offers."', Tymoschuk talking after the return to Zenit, 2013.[4]
  • "I told Robben, that Ukraine will play Holland in the Euro-2012 final, and that they don't stand a chance", Tymoschuk talking before Euro-2012, 2012.[5]
  • "All matches are equal, because all of them need to be won", Tymoshchuk in a conversation with fans before a match against an outsider of the Russian championship, 2009.[6]
  • "To win in a battle without compromises is always nicer"
  • "I'd love to visit space, to see, how our beautiful planet looks from there. I think, every man has such a dream, but you'd need years of hard working for that", Tymoshchuk after receiving from the cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko a Zenit St. Petersburg shirt with Tymoschuk's name on it with which the cosmonaut waved in space, 2008.[7]
  • Thanks to the tour with the UEFA Cup I finally flew on a helicopter", Tymoshchuk, 2008.

About TymoshchukEdit

  • Everybody treated my nicely, Arshavin and Tymoshchuk were helping, especially Tymoshchuk. Write it down, Tymoshchuk - is a good guy!", Maximillian Pronichev about his adaptation in Zenit, 2014.[9]
  • In Krasnodar, when [Tymoschuk] was coming in as a substitute, the Ptersburg fans meet him with loud cheering of his surname, while the local public was applauding, even though Tymoschuk - is a rival. Tymoschuk is being treated different [that Arshavin], because he knows how to behave himself, he speaks to journalists in the mixt-zone, is ready to speak to fans.", German Zozin about the respect Tymoschuk has from Zenit fans, 2013.[10]
  • "Trust me, I know Tymoschuk for a long time, with his attitude to football he'll be in demand for a long time", Andriy Pyatov, Shakhtar goalkeeper, 2013.[11]
  • "Luciano Spaletti was interested in Tymoschuk and the option to bring him back for a long time. The coach, obviously, needs a person, that can stop the "cold war" between the Russian and foreign players in the team. A person, that no one will dare to interrupt in the dressing room and who will be respected by all", Gleb Chernavskiy on the return of Tymoschuk to Zenit, 2013.[12]
  • "Tymoschuk can bench any starting line-up player from Zenit! Don't forget, Anatoly is a leader by character. ANd a professional, which is a rare.", Leonid Tkachenko, 2013.[13]
  • "The arrival of Anatoly can bring balance not only to the game, but also to the team atmosphere. In all the teams, where Tymoschuk played, he was respected by partners, team management, fans.", Vyacheslav Grozny about the role tymoschuk will play in Zenit, 2013.[14]
  • "Tymoschuk, is a leader by nature, I see the move as positive. Lately we saw in Zenit some conflict, there was no shepherd in the team. Now the herd has a shepherd. He can stop the conflicts and the team will concentrate on football.", Alexei Safonov commenting on the role Tymoschuk will play in Zenit, 2013.[15]
  • "When Tymoschuk moved to Zenit, he openly expressed dissatisfaction about, how the players act in defense. The Ukrainian became a living school-book for the young, especially Igor Denisov. Now the situation might be similar, to the one, when Tymoschuk came for the first time. By example he can show, that you can not pay attention on some things, that can disturb a professional from playing football.", Sergei Vedeneyev about the return of Tymoschuk to Zenit, 2013.[16]
  • "Four years ago he was the captain and he totally proved himself in this position, so he should be the captain again. The main thing for "Zenit" - to break the trio Shirokov - Denisov - Kerzhakov, all the conflicts in the team start with them. Tymoschuk can unite the team, but for that he needs to always play and be the captain.", Alexander Bubnov commenting on Tymoschuk returning to Zenit, 2013.[17]
  • "Tymoschuk is a great team player. He's really important for us, and in situation, when three players are disqualified, his experience and ability to to play in different positions is really useful for us", Jupp Heynckes, 2012.[18]
  • "For me the main job - not to let goals in. As a result, I love partners who have he same job. Anatoliy - is quite an agressive footballer, but it's a smart agression. He knows perfectly, when to choose the right position, to stop the attack of the opponent, and when to use such a move, like taking the ball harshly. No doubt, Tymoschuk is doing a great in Bayern!", Manuel Neuer, 2012.[19]
  • "The most professional player, of those I ever worked with - Tymoscuk", Dick Advocaat, 2009.[20]
  • "From Zenit I would be glad to play in the same team with Tymoschuk", Antonio Di Natale, 2009.[21]
  • "Tymoschuk is a nice honest guy, with him I would safely go to a spying mission ", Oleg Blokhin, 2008.[22]
  • "He helped me with everything... Before I received a car, he came everyday to take me to practice and then returned me... Any young player could count on his help and support... I have never met a more serious attitude towards football than Tymoschuk's", Bohdan Shust, 2007, about their time together in Shakhtar Donetsk.[23]
  • "About Tymoschuk I can say only good things, and not only the player but also the person. Tymoschuk - is a professional from head to toes. I never had complaints to him about discipline. While Tymoschuk and I are at the club, he will be the captain of Zenit", Dick Advocaat, 2007.[24]


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