Beware of a counsellor. And know before what need he hath: for he will devise to his own mind. ~ The Bible
Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties. ~ Aesop

Advice (also called exhortation) is a form of relating personal or institutional opinions, belief systems, values, recommendations or guidance about certain situations relayed in some context to another person, group or party often offered as a guide to action and/or conduct. Put a little more simply, an advice message is a recommendation about what might be thought, said, or otherwise done to address a problem, make a decision, or manage a situation.


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  • A woman seldom asks advice before she has bought her wedding clothes.
  • He can always pick out the Right Kind for the Other Fellow.
    • George Ade, "The Girl Who Took Notes and Got Wise and Then Fell Down".
  • Never trust the advice of a man in difficulties.
    • Aesop, The Fox and the Goat (~500 B.C)
  • Advice, n. The smallest current coin.
  • What the world wants iz [sic] good examples, not so mutch advice; advice may be wrong, but examples prove themselves.
    • Josh Billings, The Complete Works of Josh Billings (1842), under the heading "PUDDIN [sic] AND MILK."
  • Who cannot give good counsel? 'tis cheap, it cost them nothing.
  • A woman's advice is not worth much, but he who does not heed it is a fool.
    • Pedro Calderon, El Medico de su Honra.
  • Advice is more agreeable in the mouth than in the ear.
    • Mason Cooley (1927-2002), U.S. aphorist. City Aphorisms, Second Selection (1985).
  • Beware of a counsellor. And know before what need he hath: for he will devise to his own mind.
    • The Bible Ecclesiasticus, 37:9
  • It was a high counsel that I once heard given to a young person, — always do what you are afraid to do.
  • Advice is given freely because so much of it is worthless.
    • James Geary, American aphorist and journalist; quote from James Geary website, 2009.
  • Tony Bushell had a friend in the Welsh Guards whose father had said to him on his twenty-first birthday: "Three pieces of invaluable advice for you, my boy: nevah hunt south of the Thames, nevah drink port after champagne and nevah have your wife in the morning lest something bettah should turn up during the day."
  • People who give me advice…I reckon they're talking to themselves.
    • Nic Pizzolatto, said by Detective Cohle in the television show True Detective (2014)
  • Les vieillards aiment à donner de bons préceptes, pour se consoler de n'être plus en état de donner de mauvais exemples.
    • Old men delight in giving good advice as a consolation for the fact that they can no longer provide bad examples.
    • François de La Rochefoucauld, Reflections; or Sentences and Moral Maxims (1665–1678), Maxim 93.
  • Advice is a dangerous gift, even from the wise to the wise, and all courses may run ill.
    • J. R. R. Tolkien, Gildor Inglorion to Frodo in, The Lord of the Rings, from The Fellowship of the Ring, Book I, Chapter 3 (1954).
  • It is always a silly thing to give advice, but to give good advice is absolutely fatal.
  • I always pass on good advice. It is the only thing to do with it. It is never of any use to oneself.


  • Never give advice unasked.
    • Mrs. E.B. Mawr, National Proverbs in Ten Languages (1885).

Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical QuotationsEdit

Quotes reported in Hoyt's New Cyclopedia Of Practical Quotations (1922), p. 10-11.
  • The worst men often give the best advice.
    Our deeds are sometimes better than our thoughts.
  • Un fat quelquefois ouvre un avis important.
  • Ah, gentle dames! it gars me greet,
    To think how mony counsels sweet,
    How mony lengthened, sage advices,
    The husband frae the wife despises.
  • And may you better reck the rede,
    Than ever did th' adviser.
  • She had a good opinion of advice,
    Like all who give and eke receive it gratis.
    For which small thanks are still the market price,
    Even where the article at highest rate is.
  • Dicen, que el primer consejo
    Ha de ser de la muger.
    • They say that the best counsel is that of woman.
    • Calderon, El Médico de su Honra, I. 2.
  • Let no man value at a little price
    A virtuous woman's counsel; her wing'd spirit
    Is feather'd oftentimes with heavenly words.
  • 'Twas good advice, and meant,
    "My son, be good."
    • George Crabb, The Learned Boy, Volume V, Tale XXI.
  • Know when to speake; for many times it brings
    Danger to give the best advice to kings.
  • Quidquid præcipies esto brevis.
    • Whatever advice you give, be short.
    • Horace, Ars Poetica (18 BC), CCCXXXV.
  • In rebus asperis et tenui spe fortissima quæque consilia tutissima sunt.
    • In great straits and when hope is small, the boldest counsels are the safest.
    • Livy, Annales, XXV. 38.
  • No adventures mucho tu riqueza
    Por consejo de hombre que ha pobreza.
    • Hazard not your wealth on a poor man's advice.
    • Manuel, Conde Lucanor.
  • Remember Lot's wife.
    • Luke, XVII. 32.
  • C'est une importune garde, du secret des princes, à qui n'en à que faire.
    • The secret counsels of princes are a troublesome burden to such as have only to execute them.
    • Michel de Montaigne, Essays, III. 1.
  • Primo dede mulieris consilio, secundo noli.
    • Take the first advice of a woman and not the second.
    • Gilbertus Cognatus Noxeranus, Sylloge. See J. J. Grynæus, Adagio, p. 130. Langius, Polyanthea Col (1900) same sentiment. (Prends le premier conseil d'une femme et non le second. French for same).
  • Consilia qui dant prava cautis hominibus,
    Et perdunt operam et deridentur turpiter.
    • Those who give bad advice to the prudent, both lose their pains and are laughed to scorn.
    • Phædrus, Fabulæ, I. 25.
  • In the multitude of counsellors there is safety.
    • Proverbs, XI. 14; XXIV. 6.
  • Vom sichern Port lässt sich's gemächlich rathen.
    • One can advise comfortably from a safe port.
    • Friedrich Schiller, Wilhelm Tell, I. 1. 146.
  • Direct not him, whose way himself will choose;
    'Tis breath thou lack'st, and that breath wilt thou lose.
  • No enemy is worse than bad advice.
  • Many receive advice, only the wise profit by it.
  • Che spesso avvien che ne' maggior perigli
    Son più audaci gli ottimi consigli.
    • For when last need to desperation driveth,
      Who dareth most he wisest counsel giveth.
    • Torquato Tasso, Gerusalemme, VI. 6.
  • A dead father's counsel, a wise son heedeth.
    • Esais Tegnèr, Fridthjof's Saga, Canto VIII.
  • Facile omnes, quum valemus, recta consilia ægrotis damus.
    • We all, when we are well, give good advice to the sick.
    • Terence, Andria, II. 1. 9.

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