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102 Dalmatians

102 Dalmatians is a 2000 live-action film, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and starring Glenn Close as Cruella de Vil. It is the sequel to 101 Dalmatians, a live-action remake of the 1961 Disney animated feature of the same name. In the film, Cruella attempts to steal puppies for her "grandest" fur coat yet.


Judge: Cruella DeVil...
Cruella de Vil: Do call me Ella; Cruella sounds so cruel.

Cruella de Vil: Alonso, I need you.
Alonzo: I'm yours.
Cruella de Vil: Banish yourself with a torch, large sack and rubber soled shoes; meanwhile I need a furrier, oh, and I know just where to find him, a-ha ha.

Cruella de Vil: Don't worry - I've got a perfectly good idiot to take the fall for it.

[Alonso smiles]

Cruella de Vil: Not you, Alonzo, another idiot.

Waddlesworth: Gaw, I just realized I'm not a rottweiler after all! I'm a retriever!

Cruella de Vil: Only two minions to abuse? On, Jean-Pierre, the world is so unfair.

Chloe Simon: Thank you, Fluffy!

Kevin Sheperd: Can we trust him?
Chloe Simon: Now's not the time to count your change, Kevin!

Alonzo: [she starts reacting wildly to seeing spots surrounding her] Ella? Would you be more comfortable in the car?... Ella?
Cruella de Vil: Not Ella. Ella's gone! And Cruella is BACK!

Chloe Simon: Cruella de Vil, that wrenched...
Cruella de Vil: Philanthropist?

Cruella de Vil: Just a teensy, weensy heckle? You know - MURDERER!

Waddlesworth: [chewing through floorboards] Tastes just like chicken.

Jean-Pierre Le Pelt: [when Cruella driving in Paris] You're going the wrong way!
Cruella de Vil: They're gonig the wrong way!

Kevin Sheperd: [referring to Cruella] I'm beginning to dislike this woman.

Cruella de Vil: My dalmatian puppy coat. The coat of my dreams. The ultimate fur coat, that was denied me by that canine cabal, for which I have lost THREE YEARS OF MY LIFE! Alonso, we're going to make them pay.
Alonzo: Yes. How much?
Cruella de Vil: Dipstick, she called him. What fiendish justice! He escaped me, but I shall wreak my vengeance on the next generation.
Alonzo: Sounds wonderful.

Cruella de Vil: Alonzo! Find the rat and kill it! Le Pelt and I will be on the Orient Express!
Alonzo: K... k... k... KILL?
Cruella de Vil: The last time I underestimated a puppy, I wound up in the pokey!

Cruella de Vil: Is the little rat! [turn to Alonzo] You lied to me!
Alonzo: M-me? W-why should I?
Cruella de Vil: [pressing Alonzo's face to the window] Does she look death to you? Does she? You worm! I kill her myself.
Jean-Pierre Le Pelt: [laughing to Alonzo] You are a wormly little man!

Kevin Sheperd: [refering to Cruella] She's changed.

[repeated line to Alonzo]

Jean-Pierre Le Pelt: Little man!

Cruella de Vil:without spots you're not worth the trouble YOUR FAULT!


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